A few of my favorite Instatravelers and adventurers from 2017. #TravelTuesday



You know we are pretty lucky living in the world we live in and having the technology we have at our disposal. For those of us who love traveling but are limited in the time in which we have to do it, we live vicariously through people who can. Keeping up with these lucky folks are just a few clicks or taps on our phone away and computers. With the simple opening of an app like Instagram we are transported to places locally and around the globe where we have never been, always wanted to go, never heard of or even just haven’t been in a while.

Being a travel blogger is a serious thing and I am completely envious of the people who can do it be successful at it. I would love to know their secrets. The idea of packing up my family and living abroad is interesting enough where I would really consider that lifestyle for my family. For now, though I like many other live vicariously through others that I follow religiously on Instagram and Twitter.

So here are my favorite travelers on Instagram from 2017. This wasn’t easy because I follow so many and it seems like every day I find at least one cool new travel blogger and Instatraveler. This post literally took me months to put together. I can’t wait to see what 2017 brings them and what new adventurers I find and meet in 2018.



This family is an inspiration. They sold everything and live all over. A line from their Insta profile says it all: “No matter where we go, together we’re home.” Follow Brit and her husband, Jared and see all the adventures they bring their kids on.



Anyone who follows me or knows me damn well knows how much I love the Pacific Northwest. It is without a doubt my favorite part of the country. This adventurer shows the best the Pacific Northwest has to offer and everything from Oceans, rivers, deep woods and of course mountains.



I have the pleasure of calling this Instagrammer a personal friend. Chris’s travels are beyond epic and this is his life. He is an inspiration to me and a growing force on Instagram with his travels and adventures. I don’t think there is anywhere he won’t go and he might have even discovered the remains of the famed Chupacabra on one of his recent treks into a desert. The west is his world but he goes all over America. You can be sure that if he hasn’t been somewhere already that he will eventually. Make sure you follow this mans journey. His Insta-Journey is just beginning. He has been to more National Parks etc than I even knew existed. This guy about to leave on another cross-country adventure for the winter so make SURE you follow him!

Paintbrush Canyon in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming – June 24th, 2016 – I snapped this picture with my old iPhone two summers ago on a hike up the Paintbrush Canyon trail in Grand Teton National Park. This was the view behind me a little more than halfway up to Holly Lake. Leigh Lake can be seen at the center of the photo, with Jackson Lake positioned above. You wouldn’t know it from this picture, but much of the trail was covered with snow from this point on. The hiking season is short in high elevations. Snow can persist and fall during any month out of the year. #jhdreaming #jacksonhole #visitwyoming #onlyinwyoming #highelevation #jacksonlake #jacksonwy #wyominglife #wyoming #mountainhike #mountainhigh #grandtetons #grandtetonnationalpark #gtnp #thatswy #goparks #findyourpark #nationalparks #nationalpark #wildwest #clearyourmind #offthebeatenpath #discover_wyoming #wyominglife #middleofnowhere #gowest #canyon #paintbrush #birdseyeview #neverstopexploring

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This isn’t a traditional travel blogger type but rather amazing photographs of our planet taken by people all over the world and curated for your enjoyment. Some of the pictures on this profile are amazing it’s one the ones I look forward to seeing pop up on my Instafeed. All photos on the site belong to the original photographer.

Eilean Donan Castle in Scotland 🌏 cc: @mblockk

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The Wandering Educators

Their website says they are a ” Global Community of Educators, sharing travel experiences. ”  They are so much more than however. Their website is packed with awesome travel tips, links, and guides. From world travel to the more local level, there is a lot to be found. I especially like that they are coffee folks and frequently share their coffee experiences on Instagram.

The Fairy Tale Traveler  

 Way back in the day (7 years ago) when I first started blogging and wanting to become a travel blogger I ran across Christa Thompson. Since then she has been a supreme inspiration to me and I look forward to her Instagram photos and videos more than most people I follow. She seems to be always going somewhere amazing like SCOTLAND and getting loads of free stuff. Whether you are into travel or just wanting to see how a pro travel blogger does it she is your woman. One of my favorite things about her Instagram and her blog is that she frequently travels with her son and blogs about parenting stuff sometimes. The world is truly her domain! Check out her other Instagram as well for other cool stuff.

Awesome Mitten

I don’t think this list would be complete without including someone from my home state of Michigan. Despite my occasional, but well-deserved issues with the state, Michigan does have some truly fantastic things that you can find nowhere else. Awesome Mitten is one of the best at showcasing those fantastic things. I’ve spent a majority of my life here and thanks to this epic Instagrammer I’ve learned some things about Michigan that I never have or now see them in a different light. It’s helped add several things to my instate bucket list.


wanderlustersuk – This UK based travel blogger is great and her Instagram is filled some truly wonderful pieces of photography.


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