A Thriller that just gets inside of you! #BookReviews #Thrillers

I am a firm believer that all of humanity have an innate darkness inside of them. A part of us that we are scared to show the world and even more scared to admit to ourselves. Sometimes it’s a darkness that we don’t even know is there. That face looking back at us in the mirror and the façade it’s seeing. I like literature and stories which explore this, stories that while we are reading make us raise our eyebrows at the realization that we just saw a part of ourselves in what we just read. The unnerving feeling that some author we may have never met and who don’t know us somehow forever trapped a part of ourselves in the words that they wrote.



Justin Bogs latest superbly crafted novella, The Conversationalist did just that. While I might not totally relate to all the main characters actions in the book, I can relate to some and even more so some of the feelings. The distance from humanity, the ghosts from the past, the arm’s length personal relationships and the darkness that dwells in our darkest depths. I ended up reading this, the first book in the Horrorstruck series three times. Each time I noticed more detail and more feelings both in the pages and also in myself. At one point I had to put the book down because it made me reflect on certain situations in my past.

The Conversationalist was a tremendous story I am glad I had the opportunity to read another one of Justin’s stories that explore the inner workings of the human heart, brain, and psyche. It’s not often that a book makes me reflect on myself and people the way this one did.  As a fan of the Pacific Northwest, I got caught up in the small island where the story took place and the people that surrounded the main character, Patrick both in his past and present. Everything just worked in this novella and I am excited to read part two when it comes out. In fact, I loved it so much that I am giving away a copy of it with this months newsletter so my readers can see just how awesome it is!


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