An open and final letter to my dog #Pets #Family





I wish, have wished that I was and could have been there with you at the end. To say goodbye in the way we deserved; in the way, we had earned. To look into one another’s eyes one last time, to give you one last belly rub and get one last lick of my palm or face. It has been so long since we have seen each other but I know you haven’t forgotten me and I certainly haven’t forgotten about you; how could I? The life we had together can’t be summed up easily in words or taken away from us because of one selfish and inconsequential person. We had a great time you and me; twelve years that will never disappear from my mind or heart.

I do wish my son had the chance to meet you even just once; even at the end.  At least then I would have the memory of the two most treasured things in my life being together at least one time. Stacey misses you also and is sad you are gone now; you were always her favorite of the bunch. The years with you, the time with you made me a better father at this point in my life than I could have ever imagined I could be; and I will be forever grateful for that. Please know that I wanted to be there with you as the light faded and your last breath came. Please know that I would have given almost anything for that to happen. I did try. Harley girl, I hope somewhere in those final moments of life that you thought of me like I was thinking of you from not that far away and you heard my voice in the back of your mind.

You were there with and for me during some of the best and worst times of my life and I could never thank you enough for that. The strength you gave me during those times won’t easily be equaled. I’ve missed you these last few years and the comfort you once gave me during the rough patches.

For me, hope in seeing you in real life is gone now and memories are all that I have but I will take those memories with me for all the years to come.  Harley, I don’t know if there is a heaven or what it is like but if there is such a place I hope you find your way there. I hope you find a nice place to run and play without pain and with the youthfulness you once had. I hope you find a soft spot to lay in the sun with a good bone to chew. When you get there look up another dog named Buster. He knew me as well when I was younger and I think you two will get along great.

I hope you remember me.

I hope I see you again.

I hope you forgive me.

Love always,





(I made a goodbye video of sorts, so click here if you want to view that.)



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