Dumb and Dumber To: A Movie review #Films #Movies

You ever see a movie preview and you knew, deep in your gut that it was going to be a horrible pile of crap? Regardless of that feeling, you watch it anyways even though you know better. We’ve all done it. Call it an ode to my early teenage years when my movie tastes were less…refined..than they are now. It is, for this reason, I finally took a chance at watching Dumb and Dumber To since it was after all on HBO and I didn’t have to pay for it.

Man am I glad I didn’t pay for it.

Dumb and Dumber To is the sequel to 1994’s Dumb and Dumber starring Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels and we see the return of two characters some of us fell in love with two decades ago named Harry and Lloyd. That original movie was full of great lines and scenes which we repeated for a few years if not longer.  Maybe this sequel is a great example of why some sequels don’t really work or perhaps this sequel should have come out in the year 2004. Just an idea. Maybe it’s because the 1994 version of me who was just going into my freshmen year of high school had been waiting for this sequel in some way years…just not 20 of them. Either way, this movie was a cluster….you know what. The 37-year-old that I am now, didn’t  find much of the movie funny, a scant few parts but not many and there were many that just made me cringe or roll my eyes. Parts that 15 years ago I would have fallen over from laughing so hard.

Perhaps it’s because I’ve grown past the fart humor and poop jokes. Perhaps I am smart enough and mature enough where poking fun at people with disabilities (the blind kid) is no longer funny. Perhaps I’ve seen the quality of actors that Carrey and especially Daniels (who was epic in The Newsroom) have become and know this kind of film is below them now. The acting really was horrible and the script was shit which made the acting horrible. I think that is part of the reason why I am not alone in my opinion of this movie among people my age.

I won’t lie. I never even finished it. I made it about an hour or so in and gave up. Like Don Cheadles character said in Oceans 13, “you don’t do the same gag over, you find a new gag.” For D&D To, I felt they were doing the same gags all over again just 20 years later. I find it hard to believe that 2 characters like Harry and Lloyd wouldn’t think of something new in 20 years.

I’m sure this movie might have been great for someone who is a teenager, a drunk frat kid who doesn’t care or someone with an IQ around 80 or lower. But for anyone with more than half a brain they would not enjoy it. Perhaps it’s just an example of where I am now in life and who I am now. Perhaps its shows where maturity, taste, and a higher education get you. When the original came out the humor was new and fresh; for the most part. But we’ve watched movies and tv shows using these gags or versions of them for twenty years now so in a sequel they are annoying not funny, juvenile not new and fresh, embarrassing not entertaining. As I watched I genuinely felt embarrassed for Daniels and Carrey that they put themselves and movie goers through this S$&t Storm.

The box office earnings don’t lie either. The 1994 original film made  $247,275,374 worldwide while the 2014 sequel only made $169,837,010 worldwide and only $86,208,010 domestically. The post opening weekend drop-off was one the worst in years for a movie with A-List stars in over a decade.

I read that this movie was geared towards fans of the original which is ironic since it was that films fans who were let down. I don’t think the producers realized that most of those fans have grown up and had kids now. The days when my generation thought films like this were funny ended about the same time that Jim Carrey stopped becoming a bankable movie star.

Somethings are better left dead and this movie franchise was and is one of them.


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