A dads adventures in potty training #Parentingblogs


So it’s that time with our son, Jax where we have begun the process of potty training him. Some of my friends whose kids are about the same age started it sooner and some much later. From everything I have read there is no “right” time to start but since Jax is nearing two and is showing some signs we started.


We are just at the beginning, getting him used to sitting on the toilet and letting him figure things out. At first, he hated it and would cry and cry while sat on the edge of the tub next to him. He would grab for me and want me to pick him up.  Then I noticed he stopped crying if I didn’t sit in there with him. I thought, “well maybe be likes his privacy like me”.  I gave him a book or a toy to play with and then he seemed fine with his circumstances. Then I would literally just walk around the apartment while watching him.

Stacey figured out a neat trick and found that by turning on the bathtub that it, for some reason entices him to pee. It’s only happened a few time, little successes on a long road but we are tremendously proud of him so far. Yesterday he sat on the toilet for about twenty minutes and nothing happened. Then in the span of time, it took to walk from the bathroom to his room (5 grown up steps) he peed on the floor (I’m really glad the carpets are getting cleaned soon lol).

It’s almost like it was yesterday that we were teaching him to walk and now he’s learning to use the toilet among other benchmarks in a toddler’s life. Right now we are using an insert that goes under the toilet seat but we have been thinking of getting a regular potty chair that sits on the floor.

So I ask the newer mom and dad and fellow parent bloggers out there. What are your potty training tips? What do you think about the inserts as opposed to a regular chair?

3 thoughts on “A dads adventures in potty training #Parentingblogs

  1. I found for G that the potty that goes on the floor worked, even tho I swore I never wanted that! It seemed silly to have his toilet sit by the tv or wherever when that’s not where he will pee!
    Day one it was in the living room where he usually plays, day two it was right outside the bathroom, and day three it was in the bathroom.
    The transition to the regular potty was a little tough, but we let him watch us and eventually it stuck.
    We let him run around naked for those three days (day one is totally naked, day two is just a Tshirt, and day three is a Tshirt and undies)
    Worked for us!
    I tried the alarm method, making him sit on there every 30 minutes or so..but he didn’t like that. To this day he doesn’t like being forced to go potty, he will tell us.
    I took a ton of different advice and ideas and formed my own thing with G. Jax will obviously be different and respond differently. Gabriel never got treats either, which a lot of parents do. For him it just clicked and it seemed like he was thinking ‘well this is just what I do’
    It may sound creepy, but him watching us pee in the normal potty seemed to have helped a lot, especially watching Adam and now G stands up to pee!
    🙂 it definitely takes lots of patience and dedication. We didn’t leave the house with him for about 3 weeks I think! Once we moved him to the normal potty, we have a seat for him that he really likes and only likes to poop with that one! So that is somewhat of a negative with having a seat for the regular potty right away, they get used to that and not the actual toilet.
    I will find a link to the toilet we got for him, we loved it!


    Great investment!

    1. I really dont like the idea of giving him treats for pooping lol. I’ve been letting him watch me for a few months now but I have no idea what he thinks about that.

      I thought about one of those stand up baby urinal things but I feel like that wouldn’t help with doing #2

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