All the Roads Home – Character Spotlight #5 – Bill McNeery

All the Roads Home

This is the 4th in a series of posts where I will be introducing you to my characters from my newly released novel All the Roads Home; book one of The Oregon Series. These spotlights will give you a little bit of insight into the characters, who they are and what makes them tick.


Character Spotlight – Billy (Bill) McNeery


Billy (Bill) McNeery is in his early 50’s and Shawn’s closest and perhaps only friend. Their friendship began years before the pages of All the Roads Home in Shawn’s early years in Chicago. Billy is a somewhat mysterious and dark figure even for his friends. His past is shrouded in secrecy, his business life is complex and perhaps illicit and his connections to business and government officials reach far outside Chicago to many parts of the world.

The son of a single mother whose own past was hidden from Billy he was a student of the streets and the life of hard knocks. Billy created a world of his own from the rage that fueled his youth. Built on his past where he worked for the government he founded a small empire which is based out of a small bar on Chicago’s north side. He is a big man, with a bearded face, large attitude and nearly constant scowl which hides his more lighthearted nature which he only lets out on occasion. He is a drunk, a womanizer, a conniving and dangerous business man but also a loyal friend to the few who he considers to be one.

When Shawn’s life falls apart Billy rushes to his friends’ rescue and whisks him away to Scotland for recovery and peace. The means in which Billy does this are highly illegal he but had his reasons for doing it that way. Sometime after Shawn returns from overseas and settles back in Astoria with his sister and her family he learns a dark truth about his friend Billy. It’s a secret that he has been keeping secret for a while. It’s a truth that not only will change Shawn’s life in drastic ways but also leads to new information for Billy which will change how he views himself, his family and life.

All the roads Home is now available for purchase on Click Here.





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