All the Roads Home release day #Bookblast #newrelease #bookbuzz

It’s finally here and I am a nervous wreck already.

My second novel and the first in my new Oregon Series finally hits Amazon today.

That’s right All the Roads Home is HERE!!!


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For today, only you can get All the Roads Home for


Join the road home!

–After nine months of living in the Highlands of Scotland with just his dog while recovering from a devastating divorce, Shawn Stewart, a changed man, begins an interesting and emotional journey back to his hometown of Astoria Oregon. On the way, he reconnects with lost parts of his heart, mind, spirit, and forgotten memories and says goodbye as he begins the next stage in getting his life back. Along the way, he reconnects with his best friend Billy who unbeknownst to Shawn has a lot riding on his recovery and future happiness.

After arriving home, an old romance begins to blossom but teeters on a precipice as personal struggles and serious family conflict begin to make cracks into his new life. Shawn struggles not with just who he wants to be but also with who his family needs him to be. The appearance of an old man named Pockets leads to life-altering choices for Shawn and life changing news for his best friend. All the Roads Home is a story about how a group of people comes together not just for the benefit of one man but also for each other.–


WAIT there is more because today is my birthday!!!

 You can also get my first novel, Running Northwest for FREE which has fourteen 4-star reviews (23 overall)

Click the links below and pick up both books today. 

All the Roads Home


Running Northwest



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Also tell your friends about it if you liked it. I would appreciate more than you know.

Also, I would really love to hear your thoughts over at my new website

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