I guess I’m in the NPR years…. #gettingold

I love blogging about how old I am getting. Since my birthday is this Friday and I’m inching ever closer to 40 I thought this would be a good opportunity to tell another great example that proves I am getting old.

Last week I was in Sarasota Florida on vacation visiting my mom with my fiancé and our son. I was on the way to pick up my mom from work one day and I was driving her Sebring convertible. It was a nice day and had turned into an even nicer evening. It was a comfortable 76 degrees and the sun was setting. The last flecks of sun were bouncing off the clouds and turning them bright red and orange while the palm trees were silhouetted against the light show behind them. So, I’m driving down the road, I have the top town and listening to an interesting story on NPR about how teaching in Kindergarten has changed since 1998. It really was interesting I promise.


As I’m driving this giant white Chevy pickup with a lift pulls up next to me at a red light. His radio was blaring some rock song and he was just jamming out Florida coast style. I wondered where he was going, a party? A club? Some sweet shindig on the beach?  A house party out on the keys?

It was then that I realized just how old I had become. 10-15 years ago that was me, driving with the windows down, the radio up and not giving a f#$K about anything or if it annoyed anyone. Here he was listening to rock music as loud as he could and here I was driving the speed limit, with the top down while listening to NPR.

Oddly it wasn’t depressing and it actually made me laugh. I could lament the fact I am near 40. I could try and deny the fact I swear at people who have their systems blaring so loud they shake my car or my apartment windows even though that used to me. I still have my rock out moments but I was perfectly fine that night listening to NPR. Like I said it was an interesting story.

Getting old isn’t as bad as what people say sometimes. Apparently I skipped my Clooney years and went right into the NPR years.




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