Airport Cattle #travelblogs #vacations

Airport Cattle

By Michael Melville


I hate flying for the most part. Let’s not try and pretend otherwise. My disdain for air travel its old and legendary. It’s rare, in the course of my travels, that I’ve had overall positive experiences while flying. Yes, some were better than others but it’s rare that I’ve flown where it hasn’t been a complete pain in the rear (Sorry Jennifer Aniston, I don’t think the luxury of taking a shower on a plane would change this).

On my current trip that trend stayed true to form but it wasn’t because of the airlines mistakes (at least not totally) but rather because of the people who were flying (which wasn’t all that shocking)

While we were waiting at the Gerald R Ford International airport in Grand Rapids Michigan for our flight to Sarasota Florida people were lined up waiting to get on the plane. Of course, there were those sitting calmly in the seating area as usual but there were the people (duos, families, and solo travelers) who were just standing around in the concourse walkway while we all waited for our plane to begin boarding.

These are the flyers who really grind my gears.

The annoying thing was that our gate was the first one in the concourse after going through security. So, all these people, their carry-on bags (masquerading as personal bags but yet look like carry-ons so they don’t get charged a fee), their kids and all their crap were just as amuck while being in the way for everyone else coming and going.  There was no order, so specific line, no process and was just this giant cluster (you know what). I’ve witnessed this time and time again.

They looked like cattle, dumb cows…just standing around being stupid and I remarked to my fiancé as much.

I can’t tell you how many times I saw someone trying to get to their gate farther down the line have to walk around some mother, runaway kid, old crone or random single travelers who decided to park their crap in the middle of the concourse. Let’s not forget about the people trying to get off the plane we were waiting for who have been up since roughly 4 am who had to wade through this unthoughtful throng. The picture below kind of explains it all.


We had priority boarding so we were exempt from the shit show that is general boarding and thank god for that. Some airlines like Southwest and others have more control. There is order and there isn’t the chaos. This time, we flew on Allegiant which wasn’t horrible and on time for a change which was cool since my year and a half old son wasn’t in the mood for much more waiting around (who was also complimented many times about how good he was on the plane).

I understand that people want to get on the plane fast but let’s be real you standing around like mindless cattle in a field, in people’s ways trying to get a prime spot close to the boarding line (20 minutes before it’s even going to board) isn’t going to make the plane leave quicker.  If you’ve gone through security it’s very unlikely you are going to miss your flight and EVERYONE by that point already has an assigned seat. So what’s with the standing around in the middle of the concourse. What’s the point of it all? Do people who do this have a logical reason for it or are they just rude idiots.  Or is this all the fault of Gerald R Ford International airport for their shoddy setup?

So, what am I driving at?

Find a spot people. Find a spot that’s out of the way, out of other people’s way and just make a line…some semblance of a line and it’s okay if you are not first in that line. You all look like idiots rushing for the boarding line anyways. You are all in a hurry to get nowhere fast and you look dumb while doing it so just stop it. We all know getting on a plane with general boarding is a human traffic jam. Better yet if you are flying Allegiant (or another airline) pony up the whopping 5 dollars per ticket (each way for Allegiant) for priority boarding so you can board right after the folks who are wheelchair bound.

If 10 bucks round trip per ticket is too expensive then you really shouldn’t be flying and instead, should be driving which is cheaper anyways for travel in the continental US.


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