Adulting at Christmas. #Parenting #Christmas


Christmas is funny the older you get. It’s even funnier when you are a parent and I’m sure most parents could agree. At my age, as a family man, long gone are the days of asking for extreme things like video games and tv’s from our parents. I wouldn’t even know what to do with a damn Xbox if I had one. Is Mario Cart still a thing? Now, as older people we are much more sensible about what we ask for. At least, I am. Is that a good thing? As a dad, I am more concerned with my son and Stacey being happy on Christmas than myself. The memories are what matter to me.

Stacey asked me what I wanted and I said things like dress socks and business cards (yes business cards lol). I had no clue what to say. She’s already marrying, gave me an awesome kid and time to write so really what else is there? Sounds cheesy but it’s true.

When my parents asked me what I wanted for Christmas it drew a blank look, awkward silence, confusion and a moment  of unsure panic. “I’m almost 37…. what the hell do I ask them for?” is what ran through my mind most of the time.

I don’t keep track of things I want and there are very few things I need. I’m kind of a minimalist at heart. According to Stacey and my friends, I’m a boring “old man” I buy clothes once a year…maybe, so a gift card to American Eagle is out. I don’t drink much, so booze is out. I live in an apartment so power tools are kind of pointless. Gift cards to a local coffee shop are a good idea as long as it’s not frequented by college kids and crazy old ladies who steal dogs. I have a laptop and a Kindle so electronics are out. Cash is good but is more likely to be spent on bills or things for the house rather than things for me. How do you ask for something like book marketing? My free time (when I’m not doing dad stuff or things with Stacey) is spent writing…. maybe school work if college is happening.

At 37, when asked by my dad what I wanted I told him things like warm winter socks, underwear and told him to get things for Jax. SERIOUSLY…warm winter socks! The 18-year-old version of myself would punch me in the face. The things I hated getting 20 years ago are the first on my list now.

So now, I sit here with an Amazon gift card and no idea what to buy because I look at so much as an extravagance that I can live without. Earphones would be cool but the cheap pair I have now work fine so those are likely out. I’m wearing my new hunting socks so my feet are not cold. Jax got a Kindle, puzzles and trucks. Stacey seemed to have a nice Christmas and those two are really all that matter to me. I got socks, underwear, and some gift cards and am quite pleased about that.


No one tells you about this when you are younger. The stage in life when you forget more of the things you hope for, want or need for yourself than what you actually get at Christmas let alone ask for. The age when you rationalize your Christmas list. Where you find yourself weighing the necessity of something like a new sweater when the sweaters you bought 3 years ago are just fine even if they are a little tight and faded. I think it’s something that slowly happens as you get older before you have a family and kids. At least, I think that’s when it happened to me.

I guess the only thing I really want is for people to buy my new book which is available for preorder now unless you read my last post. That would be an awesome Christmas present even though it’s being released on my birthday lol. I’m sure there are other things they would rather get though.

Still thinking about those business cards though.



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