All the Roads Home – Cover Reveal and #Giveaway #Bookbuzz #IndieThursday

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The cover for All the Roads HomeThe Oregon Series: Book 1 is finally done. I am really excited about this and it was a long time in the making. This cover has taken months of work between me and my cover designer Victor Fuentes so we could make sure it was just right and aligned with the story well. So here it is and be on the lookout for All the Roads Home which will be coming out January 15th, 2016 and available for pre-order soon.




After nine months of living in the Highlands of Scotland with just his dog while recovering from a devastating divorce, Shawn Stewart, a changed man, begins an interesting and emotional journey back to his hometown of Astoria Oregon. On the way, he reconnects with lost parts of his heart, mind, spirit, and forgotten memories and says goodbye as he begins the next stage in getting his life back. Along the way, he reconnects with his best friend Billy who unbeknownst to Shawn has a lot riding on his recovery and future happiness.

After arriving home, an old romance begins to blossom but teeters on a precipice as personal struggles and serious family conflict begin to make cracks into his new life. Shawn struggles not with just who he wants to be but also with who his family needs him to be. The appearance of an old man named Pockets leads to life-altering choices for Shawn and life changing news for his best friend. All the Roads Home is a story about how a group of people come together not just for the benefit of one man but also for each other.


All the Roads Home is an often edgy character-driven work of fiction. It brings readers on a roller coaster of emotions while dealing with issues such as divorce, drug abuse, death, failure and family issues while also bringing in moments of touching romance and hope.


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Hello, my name is Michael; I am 36, a novelist, former business owner and a senior at Grand Valley State University. I am also a proud father of an amazing year and a half-old little boy named Jax and happily engaged to his mother; an amazingly inspirational woman named Stacey. I am now trying to make my mark in the literary word in some noticeable way as an author and writer.
I published two works so far in my writing career. The first was Running Northwest; a romance novel about a single father raising his adopted son alone on the Oregon Coast. The second is a short story called Christmas Senses, which is about a man stricken with blindness and how he experiences Christmas with his family in his own unique way.

Currently, I am preparing to release my second full-length novel titled All the Roads Home in January 2016, which is the first book in my new Oregon Series. I am already hard at work writing the second book in that series titled The Diner, which will come out later in 2016.



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2 thoughts on “All the Roads Home – Cover Reveal and #Giveaway #Bookbuzz #IndieThursday

  1. I’m so excited for the new book. I’m such a fan. Mike is a fantastic author. Keep them coming

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