All the Roads Home – Character Spotlight #2 #bookbuzz

All the Roads Home

This is the 2nd in a series of posts where I will be introducing you to my character from my soon to be released novel All the Roads Home; book one of The Oregon Series. These spotlights will give you a little bit of insight into the characters, who they are what makes them tick.

Character Spotlight – Jenna Stewart-Lindsey


Jenna Lindsey is 35 years old and is Shawn’s younger sister by 4 years. She has a radiant smile that lights up a room and too many who know her could be her mother’s double both physically and even emotionally in some ways. Jenna keeps herself in shape and is a complete health nut. She is strong and wise yet blind to some family issues, which surround her. Being the matriarch of the family since her mother’s death and taking after her mother’s entrepreneurial spirit Jenna built herself a life, business and a family of her own in Astoria Oregon.

She operates a café and bookstore in downtown Astoria, is involved in local business groups and charities while also being a mother to her 13-year-old daughter named Charlene (Charlie). She uses her professional life as a means to balance her personal life to such a degree her family life begins to falter and form cracks in it. Being so career focused Jenna misses obvious signs that her daughter is developing very dangerous issues and habits at a very young age. Jenna sees herself as a good mother but could be considered anything but that sometimes. It is not that she does not love her daughter but she is blind to what is right in front of her until things hit the fan. Jenna more than Peter has a hard time accepting the fact that Charlie is a teenager now who is dealing with a lot more then she is willing to understand.

Jenna is married to Peter Lindsey who owns a fishing boat and a budding photography business. They have been married for 15 years and for all purposes have a very happy and loving marriage. They are both equally driven to succeed and provide a good life for their daughter but at a cost to Charlie’s emotional and sometimes physical well-being.

Jenna, unlike Shawn, has no real memory of her father or Michigan outside of pictures and the stories her mother used to tell. This also gives Jenna some emotional ghosts of her own since family is important to her and there is a gap in her memories where she wishes there wasn’t. Her brother being so distant for many years only made this worse. After finding out her brother Shawn is moving home Jenna will do whatever she can to not only keep him in Astoria for good but also uses this to fill the gap that is missing since both her parents are dead. More than anything she wants to keep the only family that she has left together.



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