All the Roads Home – Character Spotlight #1 #BookBuzz

All the Roads Home

This is the first in a series of posts where I will be introducing you to my character from my soon to be released novel All the Roads Home; book one of The Oregon Series. These spotlights will give you a little bit of insight into the characters, who they are what makes them tick.

Character Spotlight—Shawn Stewart

Shawn is the main character in All the Roads Home. He is 39 years old and emotionally tortured from a particularly hard divorce. We meet Shawn on the tail end of his time in Scotland where he went to live following the divorce and after losing nearly everything. He is a broken and in some ways jaded man because of all he has been through and feels alone in the world. Originally Shawn is from a small town in Michigan called Silver Lake but moved to Astoria Oregon with his sister Jenna and their mother following the tragic death of his father when he was very young.

He eventually found his way to Chicago working as a Journalist for a major newspaper. Because of the personal and professional choices he made after college, his rocky marriage, and being haunted by emotional ghosts from his past Shawn built a barrier between himself and his family in Oregon especially after the death of his mother.

In All the Roads Home, we find Shawn returning from Scotland with his dog Magnus and moving back to Astoria to be near his sister Jenna, her husband Peter and their daughter Charlene (Charlie). It is there where he finishes mending his heart and reconnects with the only family he has left while coming to terms with the personal battles and ghosts he fights every day. His new accent, roguish looks, and edgy demeanor catch those who have known him his whole life off guard. After arriving in Astoria, Shawn finds himself torn between who he is, who he was, who he wants to be, and who is family needs him to be while being surrounded with turmoil.

Like all my male characters in my books and stories so far Shawn Stewart has an underlying darkness within him, an emotional fog which in some ways he accepts and in other ways scares him. He uses this to push people away and keep them at arm’s length while exasperating his trust issues. His emotional barriers cause him to feel out of place virtually anywhere in the world and only add to his feelings of loneliness. Because of all the personal loss Shawn has dealt with in his life, he feels uncomfortable with the idea of any sort of permanence and stability especially when it comes to romance and where he lives.

With the help of his family, his best friend Billy, a long lost love from his past and a new friend Shawn slowly sees the light at the end of his dark tunnel and has a willingness to explore face it head on.


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