News and the terrorist attacks in Paris. #PorteOuverte

Today was a very sad day for Paris; the city of lights, the city of love and one of the greatest in the world. What’s more shocking is that I had no idea anything had gone on until hours later when a friend of mine happened to make a post about it on Facebook.

All day long I sat home with my son, Jax, my phone and tablet nearby watching kids shows, feeding him lunch and putting him down for his nap. Ya know normal Dad stuff. All the while one of the most horrific terrorist attacks in over a decade was happening on the other side of the world. In fact nothing like his has happened in France since WW2 (thank you MSNBC for just saying that)

I received no texts about it. I got no breaking news alerts about it on my phone until after all the attacks were long since done. My local news had limited coverage, there were no breaking news interruptions (while it was happening) that one might expect if this happened in my own country. Even the friend who posted the initial post that piqued my interest was surprised at the lack of news even hours later. I got more news from Twitter than  traditional news sources which I am not surprised by.

Everyone is in bed so I’m gripped by the news, trying to play catch up and make heads or tales about what has gone on in Paris while me and the world wait for the almost inevitable news; that ISIS, AlQaida or some other terrorist group attacked Paris France.

I can’t imagine some of these people; the victims. Sitting one minute at a french café with friends drinking espresso or wine, talking and laughing then…..chaos…death.  I am shocked, I am saddened and I am horrified not as an American and not as Frenchmen but as a human being.  I am horrified for the people of France. I am horrified that there isn’t more news about this tragic event.

It’s 2am. I am going to bed soon. Martial law was just implemented. The Eifel Tower has just gone dark.  I am scared for what could happen next.


My heart goes out to all the Parisians. Restez forts mes amis. Nous sommes avec toi


I found this video ( I am sorry that its Fox news) where they show Parisians walking in the night singing their national anthem. We sing with you.





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