Political memes I wish I would stop seeing on Facebook

The internet is such a dandy isn’t it? It’s given the power to millions…no billions of people by giving them the ability to share their opinions on just about everything….ok except China and maybe North Korea. One of the ways people choose to do this is my making a meme.

You may be wondering (and if you are, you are doing something wrong on the internet). What is a meme? Nevertheless, I’ll tell you. A meme (pronounced MEEME) is a humorous picture with words and there are hundreds (maybe thousands) of different kinds of memes. I think there could be a meme for every subject. The creators of these memes make them in order to be witty yet condescending and I dare say cheeky while they hide behind the safety of the internet. Facebook and Tumblr are probably the home turf for these things and with the help of apps and websites anyone can make one. Movies and politics seem to be especially popular subjects. Over the last few years, our social media has become flooded with them. I can’t go a day without seeing one.

What once gave us an occasional chuckle at their insanity and obvious humor now, sadly, has the ability to change people opinions very easily. Shockingly easily even. Even sadder is that this can happen without someone ever taking the time to fact check the meme to see how accurate and truthful it is. Older people tend to believe these far easier than younger ones it seems. “A friend of mine shared this on Facebook so it must be true because I trust my friend,” is the mindset far too many people have with these. Therefore, watch out because Mars is going to hit the earth since Obama is the antichrist and Bush is his daddy!

Lately I have been fact checking my friends meme’s on occasion because, you know, I internet good! Lol, Perhaps it’s something that stuck with me from college at GVSU since I occasionally believe research is king and can lead to the truth. Sometimes though you do not even need research. Sometimes you just need a little bit of common sense to know it’s just stupid BS. This past week I made a meme that was purposely false just to gauge the reaction on my Facebook. It was shared 12 times, had 17 likes and several people apparently thought it was the gods honest truth. No one bothered to do a simple Google search.

One meme has really gotten in my craw recently because of how often I see (every day) it and just how idiotic it is. There have been several different versions of it going around on Facebook and they are always annoying and just stupid. It does not help that many people have no idea how our government actually works and how it is required by law to function. This meme basically suggests that by firing or voting out of office everyone in congress  that it will make everything honkey dory and the United States will be a damn Utopia if that were to happen.

layoffs image

But it won’t work and here is why


Imagine you have a grocery store like Kroger’s, Publix, Meijer, or Walmart etc., etc. Now Ignore the fact they have a corporate office with executives and what not. Pretend they do not exist because in the federal government they don’t exist.

Now, fire everyone at the store and put them on the streets. Literally, everyone, from the nice old greeter at the door who looks like Santa Clause to the Store Manager. Then rehire all new people fresh off the unemployment line. Now how well do you suppose that store is going to be run? Who is going to train the new greeter, the new cashiers, and the new sales people in electronics? Who is going to show the stockers how to stock the shelves? Who is going to train the new store Manager to be a Store Manager? The people who were there before them are gone, fired and can’t help because that’s the way you wanted things. They were doing such a bad job after all, right.

Do you expect them (the new people) to just wing it, guess, and hope they get it right? Do you really want the new person in the meat department to learn as they go while they are cutting and processing your hamburger? #WhatsHealthCode

Would you even want to shop at that store? I wouldn’t.

Now apply that scenario I just described to this “Fire the government meme” and it’s completely unrealistic and idiotic suggestion. What do you think would happen? It would be chaos…anarchy….the government would just fail I think.

Who would replace these fired members of The Senate and The House of Representatives also known as Congress if they were voted out in one fell swoop or action? Maybe a first-term state representative who may not even be ready or capable let alone interested in being elevated to the federal level? How about Joe Butt Crack who works on cars around the corner who fixed your transmission with duct tape to save you money, after all he’s thrifty right? Who do you think would replace the sacked members of Senate and the House whether they were thrown or voted out? Who would train them, show them the rules and procedures of their new job? Do you think there is a teacher that is going to hold their hands, walk them to their committee meetings and sessions, and tell them where to sit?  Nope, because you fired them!

The individual State legislators are the training grounds for Congress more or less. It is rare someone is elected to congress without having a little government experience as far as legislating. Being a Senator or a member of the House of Representatives  is not something you learn to do on the job very easily. When you are at that level you are expected to have some idea of what’s going on and the job expectations. Do you want Joe Butt Crack or a soccer mom from Minnesota negotiating trade deals and nuclear arms treaties with other countries who might not be friendly towards us? Do you want someone passing laws who barely understands how the government functions? I sure as hell don’t!

Let us not forget that power corrupts or at least it gives people a big head and an ego; it is just human nature. Money generally does the same thing…just ask the Catholic church.  Anyone who thinks they are un-corruptible in some way is either naïve or just lying. If you were a Senator or Congressman/woman and wanted to eat at a fancy restaurant and were given the chance to be immediately seated even though you showed up without a reservation and there was an hour wait you would do it wouldn’t you? Some would call that being corrupt. Even small corruptions are corruptions so where exactly is your line in the sand.

You can’t totally blame money and special interest groups either because before members of Congress were actually paid for doing the job they were occasionally just as corrupt and power hungry as the ones we have now who are paid. Therefore, Sally Soccer mom and Joe Butt Crack are just as likely to become just as “corrupt” as the people who you summarily removed from office and maybe even more so. I say more so because these people have no experience with actual power and governance so are more likely to let that new power and position go to their heads.

-NO one is perfect at his or her job. No one does everything just right without making mistakes.-

I’m sure plenty of people can add other examples of why and how this will not work.

Therefore, the notion that firing everyone in the government will do anything except create chaos and instability is absurd. So please stop sharing this stupid meme…sigh. I know many of you still will though and you are what are wrong with this country, not the politicians. If you want to change things be more careful about who you elect to office.

Another option

There are other alternate options if some people are so hell bent on firing everyone in congress if no other “competent” people can be found to do the job.

(The Emperor)

Joseph Stalin

Mao Zedong


They worked out well right?


2 thoughts on “Political memes I wish I would stop seeing on Facebook

  1. You know in psychology they basically teach the principle ‘the bigger the mob, the lower the IQ’? Or so I’ve been told anyway. Facebook is, I think, essentially a mob! (possibly so are voters….*gulp*).

    I have recently discovered there are some people who think a country the size of America could run without a government. I was so gobsmacked I asked what they proposed instead. They pointed to small local governments, to which I replied the big governments we have grew out of those little governments because as countries grew bigger and had more people and entered the global stage, those small governments don’t work anymore! Is every local government supposed to negotiate its own nuclear arms deal with a given country? That’s a bit inefficient. Wait, I know – let’s appoint a committee!

    But…. hang on, now that ‘committee’ appointed to represent all the small governments is starting to look a bit like a big government….

    *headdesk* Honestly, you can’t debate some of these things.

    You know the meme I like?

    “Think about how stupid the average person is. Now recognise that half of all people are stupider than that.”

    1. LOL You totally get what I mean then. I think if people put half as much effort into learning about how the government functions and needs to run the less complaining they would do. At least then you can complain and be knowledgeable.

      IDK maybe its the old man in me coming out but I’m really about over the meme on facebook. Some are funny and all but it seems like that is all my feed is now is meme’s.

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