Email list for Authors Pt 2 ( I did one)

Awhile back (August), I wrote a post where debated the virtues and necessity of having an email list and newsletter as an author. I have been thinking about it ever since then because it was one area of marketing that I have been ambivalent about doing because I am not a fan of junk e-mail. Newsletters are one of those things that good authors apparently should really do. For some fellow authors and book promoters who I pay extra attention to I do enjoy reading them and I am glad I signed up. Those emails have led me to some great and unique opportunities that I would have missed on a social media stream, which is one positive way to look at these newsletters emails.

The other day I was going through one of my four email accounts (LOL) and low and behold, I had a NEWSLETTER from one of my favorite traditionally published authors. It got me thinking, β€œWell if he does it maybe I should I also,” while fully knowing he does not usually write these himself, but just approves them.

Decisions Decisions

Well, after reading many other posts by other authors on this subject who apparently sell many books I decided I would do one. At least give it try. I thought about a weekly newsletter and felt that would be incredibly time-consuming. I mean between my Facebook page, Twitter, my blog, and the upcoming website what more relevant information could I add to a weekly newsletter. I think weekly email updates would annoy people because I know I would be annoyed. Then I thought about doing it quarterly (4 times a year) but I felt like that would either be too long or the information would be outdated and would defeat the purpose of even having a newsletter.

So, I finally settled on a monthly one. I am hoping to keep it new and fresh and at least try to have some unique information in it about my books, life, and promotions. My goal is to have it be a little more personal and special than the Facebook Page. I want people who get it to feel really appreciated by me because they are. I am still learning the service I used for this so I think doing it monthly will give me time to get it right.

Therefore, if you would like to stay current, connected and get some awesome and perhaps insider information while being among the first to hear about new announcements regarding my books, promotions, and giveaways please touch my monkey below.

My next novel, All the Roads Home (The Oregon Series:Book 1) is coming out in January. That means November and Decembers issues will be full of some great information and holiday cheer.




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