A Change of Seasons #amwriting


It’s that time of the year where the days are getting cooler, the nights are getting colder, the moon comes out a little sooner and the leaves are starting to explode in furious bursts of color. The air has that particular smell in it that is unique to this season and is something only those in the northern hemisphere really understand. It is arguably my favorite time of the year despite the fact I am a fan of the winter and cold. This time of the year is filled with so many things I love and look forward to all year and always have. Since I have a family now, I am even more excited about it. Sadly there are things I won’t be able to do with them since money is tight but we have a lot of years ahead of us so I try not to let in bother me.

As a writer and novelist, it also marks the end of a writing season in a weird way (as if we have actual seasons or something). As most of my readers know, I have been writing in my garage on the nights of the week when work or getting up super early with Jax doesn’t prevent me from doing it. It is my office, my mostly cyber disconnected space where there is nothing to get in my way of writing (save for my mobile phone). The garage is the place where I can look out on the world in the din of night, drink my coffee, talk to myself, rant out loud, work on my writing, and attempt to plot out the future of Books By Michael Melville.408671_10151122994744833_1783149715_n

With autumn rolling in and November sneaking up fast, these nights of unencumbered writing are in short supply. Eventually, the nights will get too cold for even me to tolerate being out in an unheated garage. Eventually, I will have to relent and go back inside to the kitchen table and try my best to ignore the distractions of the internet, cable, and my kindle after my family is sleeping. For as much as I detest the heat and the summer, I do enjoy the nights that allow me the ability to write in relative solace. It is one of the nice things about living in Michigan with its 4 seasons and the summers, which seem to be shorter and less hellish as of late.

Even this summer, the nights were not often so obnoxiously humid where I wasn’t comfortable writing outside at night. I am thankful for that small convenience since it gave me the ability to finish my 2nd novel All the Roads Home and begin my 3rd. By the time, next summer rolls around I’ll hopefully be finished writing my 3rd novel and basking in the warm acceptance of All the Roads Home which comes out this coming January.

For my fellow writer friends, I wonder. Do you have a specific season where you find it easier to write or perhaps more inspiring to be creative? How about specific weather? Does anyone love writing when it is raining as much as I do? I would love to hear what ones and why.



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