Celebrate our educators #Worldteachersday

Thank our teachers

All of us, everyone single one of us can look back on our lives and remember fondly at least one teacher who changed our lives. Who made an indelible mark that stuck with us thru the years. Whether it was one who showed more encouragement or support or another who just put in that extra effort with us when others didn’t; we all have one. I know I can and there were a few actually. My 6th-grade teacher Mr. LaCourt taught this future author two things. The first being that is was okay to be artistic and creative. The second, he made me realize I didn’t have to feel so bad for being the fat kid in school when others seemed to get rather hung up on it. There was a professor at GVSU who helped me get through college Algebra when I truly did not think I could at 34 years old.

So thank you Mr. LaCourt and Marsh Frobish for going that extra mile.

Teachers more often than not put so much of their lives into their students with very little return monetarily. Teachers don’t go into teaching for the money or the esteem. They do it to help change lives, to grow the next generation of dreamers and doers. Without them, none of us would have or be anything. Teachers are the foundations on which society and our lives are built.

So I wanted to take part today in World Teachers Day and say thanks to those who changed my life and other lives. I bet we all know at least one person who is a teacher so reach out to them and say thank you. Check out this awesome graphic below you might be surprised by some of the stats.

World Teacher Day

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