Those special dad moments #Writingdads #parenting

As I mentioned in another previous post, my son Jax has been putting himself to sleep at night and has been for a few months now. Usually, this happens pretty quickly but sometimes it doesn’t go so well. Those moments are bound to happen sometimes right? Well, tonight was one of those nights.

I came home during this process of him trying to go to sleep, and he was less than pleased with his situation. I wanted Stacey to do her homework so I decided I would go in and try calming him down. It worked a few nights before, but I thought it might be a fluke.

You see, several months ago, forever it seems, when Jax was “little” I would rock him to sleep and sing him Moonriver among other songs. It was our time, and it was calming and nice for both of us. But that ended when he got to big for that, and I won’t lie I have missed that connection and time with him. Tonight though was a nice revisiting of our old routine.

I picked him up and let him find a comfy spot to rest his head on my shoulder while I rubbed his back. It’s not often he lets me hold him like this, and the back rub is a relatively new thing that he enjoys. Anyways, while Jax was trying to calm down I slowly rocked him while standing up and sung our old favorite Moonriver.

By the time I got through the song three times (with some extra hums for good measure), he was sound asleep. Nights like tonight don’t happen often, but I will take them when I can get them. Those special quiet moments between Jax and I who might be the only person who enjoys my singing these days lol.

On another note do you ever wonder what Michael Buble sings to his kid at night? I do, and I’ve often wondered what famous singers sing to their kids before they go to bed. That would be an awesome article to write wouldn’t it?




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