Email List for Authors. Yes…No?

Ever since becoming and author I have tried my darndest to learn exactly what I need to do in order to market myself, my books and my budding business. I will say I am doing a lot better than I was 3 years ago when I published my first novel Running Northwest, but I still have a ways to go; most Indies do I suppose. Especially since this relatively new business has a tendency to change at least when it comes to online marketing.

One thing that has always bothered me in terms of marketing is the notion that we (authors) need to have email lists and newsletters. I understand how they work and why they are theoretically relevant. However, if you are like me, you hate junk mail. I read less than what I delete without even opening. I spend about half an hour a day, at least, just sifting through the shit I get in my 4 email accounts. I am a subscriber to a few authors and book marketers emails/newsletter. I won’t lie I am very picky about whose I sign up for no matter what they are giving away for free in a rafflecopter.

Part of me feels like newsletters and email lists should have gone the way of dial-up internet. At least every other week though I read something about how we authors need to have these newsletters and email lists. I just don’t wanna annoy people with constant even bi-monthly junk mail that they may or may not read. Now, with the release of  my 2nd novel,  All the Roads Home on the horizon I am again pondering the question and necessity of email lists. I am again asking myself, “Should I,” or “shouldn’t I.”

So fellow authors I ask you, “Should I,” or “shouldn’t I,” and why or why not.

I ask readers and consumers in general. Do you like getting newsletters like this from authors you enjoy or companies you follow?


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