A glimpse into my All the Roads Home playlist


Music is fairly big part of a writer’s life I think; or least it is mine. We use it to set moods, bring out emotions, and stabilize our own, so we get our minds into a specific place while we are writing a particular scene or story. For my first novel Running Northwest, I relied heavily on playlists while I wrote the whole thing. I was tedious and damn near methodical while I created them with different genres and songs for individual chapters and scenes. It was complicated to say the least. I dare say I spent far too much time on the playlists than I should have.

With my soon to be released novel All the Roads Home, I relied less on multiple playlists covering many genres and instead more specific genre lists with random songs thrown in. For instance, one list was Jazz and included over a 100 years of various Jazz music.

So for this late edition of #Mondayblogs I thought I would share a few of the songs that were on my playlist. I suppose you could call this the All the Roads Home playlist because in some way these songs could define the story.

  1. Backwater Blue – Dinah Washington
  1. Georgia on my Mind – Willie Nelson and Wynton Marsalis
  1. It Never Entered my Mind – Miles Davis Quintet (Workin)
  2. Unsquare Dance – Dave Brubeck
  3. Bye Bye BlackBird- Joe Cocker
  4. The Way you Look Tonight – Tony Bennett
  1. Against the Wind – Bob Segar
  2. With You Without You – Brad Paisley
  3. Best of Me – Michael Buble
  4. To Love Somebody – Michael Buble



And Promentory Promontory by Trevor Jones Last of the Mohicans by Trevor Jones Last of the Mohicans because that is a writing staple for me.






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