The X-Files is finally back!


It’s not very often that I get excited about a TV show or series. A few that that I can think of offhand are Fringe, Game of Thrones, Hannibal, Gotham, Cheers, 24, Friends and few others that currently escape me. Included in that list is the mega Fox hit The X-files which sadly went off the air in 2002 (even though the last 2 seasons were a little wasted and sad). In case you didn’t know the show was about 2 FBI agents seeking the truth behind the supernatural, paranormal, and alien and government conspiracies. It was a cult classic and basically was one of the bedrock shows of an entire generation. It was also one of the shows that basically built Fox as a network.


For fans of the epic show there has been little to fill the void for the last 13 years besides a movie in 2008. The only show that came close, for me at least, was Fringe also an epic Fox show which ended far too soon and with enough unanswered plot holes you could drive a semi through them. For X-files fans we have been left with re-watching the series in various ways over the years which for me has been most recently using my amazon prime. For some reason its life in syndication was almost nonexistent on non-cable TV. Which was god damn shame and travesty!

Broadcast TV has really been missing something like X-Files, something close to being as good as the X-Files or even the X-Files as a whole. Let’s just be honest TV has just been less without it.  It’s been awhile since we got something different than what the networks have been giving us and Fringe was probably the last good groundbreaking Sci-fi show that has come along on networks. We have been stuck with far too many angst filled teen vampires shows, cop shows and repetitive dramas.

The News

Well, following intense rumors and speculation on the internet over the last few weeks and months Fox Network finally announced that The X-Files would be back for the 2015-16 season. With it will come the show’s star characters Dana Scully and Fox “spooky” Mulder played by Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny and creator and writer Chris Carter.

I am super excited that Fox Network, Carter and cast have gotten their shit together and came back to give us fans even more. However, there is one thing we won’t be getting though which is both good and bad and that is a full season. The Fox Network will be showing this as series event. This will be similar I think to how Fox handled last fall’s 24 Live another Day which breathed new life and fans in to that series  five years after it ended in 2010 after 8 seasons.

The Bad

The reason this is bad is because…well…we only have 8 episodes. It’s also bad because unless you are already an old school fan of The X-files it might be hard to get new fans interested. 13 years is a long time for a shows absence and there is literally an entire generation who probably have never heard of the show (7 years counting the movie). I hope they start re-running the old shows so more people can get into it.

The Good

Now assuming FOX and Carter take cues from how well 24: Live another Day went over we could be in for something truly epic. The only way I can see that these 8 shows can succeed is if they are tied together somehow as far the agent’s case/s are concerned. So no season long arcs that are spaced apart that we as viewers have to make sense of and piece together.  This paves the way for some exciting and fast paced shows without the BS. Even more exciting is just how much technology has changed in 13 years that can be used to enhance the show. I for one am curious to find out what Dana and Scully have been doing since the last X-Files movie “I Want to Believe” came out in 2008 (assuming they bring that movie up at all). I am really excited to see what Chris Carter has in store for us and see what if any cases from X-Files past will be brought up.

We would assume or hope that at the end of the 8 shows there is some sort of finality that leaves fans happy. On the other hand it occurred to me that this could be a test. It could be a test to see if the series event is successful enough to warrant whole new seasons (assuming the actors would be up for it). My worst case scenario is that they are trying to reboot the series and will bring in new actors to replace Mulder and Scully toward the end of the series event so new and younger fans will watch future seasons. I get that show can’t go on forever (or could it?) but let’s be honest the show is nothing without Mulder AND Scully together (we tried that once). I’d rather watch it in re-runs on Amazon Prime then be subjugated to watching 2 new actors who still have spots fresh off the CW kill something great.

So perhaps there won’t be that finality. Perhaps we will be left with another typical and awesome X-files cliffhanger. Perhaps we will be left wondering if the truth is still out there. Personally I cannot wait to hear that familiar theme song again.  Maybe…just maybe this will new season of X-Files will be enough for my friend Andrew to take a chance on network TV again.






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