Win a trip to Charleston South Carolina from the Travel Channel #vacations #ProjectTimeOff



Who doesn’t love vacations? Americans it seems, have been forced to think they cannot take vacations which is pure balderdash. Or they are under the impression that they are expensive (which they are not with proper planning ahead of time).

Vacations, especially family vacations, help show an appreciation and awareness of other people, surroundings and cultures. They educate kids and their parents on things might not be otherwise and they give kids a wider sense of the world they live in.  They give a family experiences that can unite them and bring them years of memories. I’m not talking about going somewhere a few hours from home year after year which yes has its own good qualities. Rather I’m talking about somewhere which is completely out of the comfort zone and area of familiarity. A whole NEW experience.

Magnolia Plantation


A few years back I took a solo road trip for two weeks. I drove from Michigan through Ohio and West Virginia to South Carolina where I spent a few days. From there I drove down the coast spending time along the coast in places like Tybee Island and Savannah Georgia and a lot of time in Florida. On the way back I spent more time South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee and Kentucky.

Historic downtown Charleston


One my favorite stops on this trip was Charleston South Carolina. It’s a town with more historical significance than most on the east coast. From food and historic architecture to American history and just relaxing in the sun the town and surrounding area offers so much to do and is seemingly always beautiful.  So I wanted to make my followers, friends, readers and fellow travel enthusiasts aware of a Sweepstakes that I ran across and entered myself because I would love to go back on someone else’s dime.


The Travel Channel in conjunction with Project Time Off is giving away a trip to Charleston South Carolina. Click HERE and enter today or follow the link below.


Historic Charleston Waterfront



-This sweepstakes, the Travel Channel and Project Time Off are in no way associated or affiliated with this blog (Journeys and Life) or its owner Michael Melville. Please read rules and regulations before entering.


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