I need some last minute inspiration! #photography #amwriting

Nearing the end of the line but stuck

BY Michael Melville

By National Park Service [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
So I am nearing the end of writing the first book in my Oregon Series which is titled All the Roads Home. What is the book about? In short and as simply as possible:

“It’s about a man reconnecting with the lost parts of his past and himself after a divorce in order to find his place in the world and rediscover who he his while a family learns to accept and deal with dangerous and divisive issues within it.


The story takes place largely in and around Astoria Oregon, a town that I love but haven’t been to in a little over 2 1/2 years and I am stuck in hell…aka Michigan for now. On my computer I have a whole file of pictures I took while I was last there but they are getting…well old. I need some new inspiration, some new pictures to breathe new life into the last and final stage of writing this book.

So I need your help.

Are you from the north Oregon coast? What about southern Washington State near the coast and that mysterious Columbia River? Do you live and breathe for that coastline and small towns as much as I do? Do you live in or around Astoria Oregon? Are you a Pinterest or Instagram fanatic? Well please send me pictures that you have taken or ones you have found while pintering around on Pinterest and I would be most appreciative and forever in your debt.

 ****special request*** I’d really like some pictures of the the downtown area during the day or night and also some pictures from inside the local coffee shops and bars!

Do you want to send them to me in a tweet? Click on the Twitter logo below and you will be magically taken to my Twitter account or just search myoregoncoast98 or Michael J Melville


Do you Instagram? You can find me there also just search for Oregonmike98

Find me on Pinterest!!!! I even made a board for this very purpose where I will try and collect all the pictures into one place.


I’ve created some hash-tags for this very special purpose so make sure you use them on Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram.

#ATRHinsperation          Or            #Booksbymelville

My cover designer (Victor Fuentes) and I will soon be starting work on the cover for All the Roads Home. So that means I will be looking for images which we might be able to use on the cover if I find one that speaks to me a particular way. If I see one I like for that purpose I will contact the original poster and get their permission, make sure they are the original owner and have the rights to let me use it and discuss all those other legalities.

I feel like this is potentially the most social things I’ve done using social media so I hope as many people possible join in and help an author with some great visuals. For this to work out It would be awesome if as many people shared this post so it gets around as much as it can.

Have you heard of my first book Running Northwest? It’s a stunning romance which also takes places on the Oregon coast? It’s available at a special price right now on Amazon for Kindle.


Michael Melville


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