Parks and Recreation and pregnancies

It’s kind of an end of an era. It’s not a huge era by any means but one that Ill surely remember occasionally probably years from now whenever I look at my son. The NBC TV Show Parks and Recreation is coming to an end. For most people, even fans of the show, this isn’t a vastly life changing event or even that momentous since the show was only on for like 7 years but I think we fans are sad to see it go. It wasn’t on the level of Cheers, or Friends or Seinfeld when it comes to longevity but was a hell of a lot better than The Office. I will always maintain that P&R was everything The Office wishes it could have been. It was one the best written shows I have ever seen and had some of the best actors I have ever watched on TV.

The reason this show is so important and memorable for me though is because I started watching it when Stacey was just a few months pregnant with our son. It’s one of the shows I would lay in bed with her and watch while I rubbed her ever growing pregnant belly and talk about Toast (as we called him before we knew the sex) and the future. Sometimes we would watch 3 or 4 episodes a night via my Amazon Prime and I would try my hardest to not fall asleep. It’s one of those things you, as a guy must do when your wife or girlfriend is pregnant―indulge her TV show habits and interests. It could have been worse….like Real Housewives of whatever town worse or hours of Law and Order.


It was one of those shows that not only defined the pregnancy for me in a way but also our relationship since I had never watched the show before we got together. I was missing out. So, P&R was a bonding thing for us, much like Lydias Italy or Chopped were also shows that we watched together early in our relationships.

If I had to name 5 shows that defined me and Stacey’s relationship up to this point it would be

  1. Downton Abbey
  2. Parks and Recreations
  3. Lydia’s Italy
  4. Chopped
  5. Rick Steve’s Travel (PBS)

So it’s with a little sadness that Parks and Recreation is almost over with the final episode on February 24. I will miss it now that I have grown to love the show and have put Ron Swanson on my list of Top TV guys I Idolize. A bit of my son is in that show so I’ll always have good memories associated with it just like I associate Cheers with my dad since we watched that show together when I was little.

It makes me wonder about a  few years from now if Stacey and I try and have another baby; what show will we be watching together while she is pregnant again and laying in bed.

So to the writers and cast of Parks and Recreation: Thank you for the memories


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