Christmas Trees and #Bucketlists

Like many people who celebrate Christmas, one of my favorite parts of the Holiday is getting the Christmas tree and decorating it. Growing up this was almost a bigger deal to me than opening presents on Christmas Day. My family never did the fake tree thing growing up. My dad and sister have however moved in the plastic direction when it comes to trees. I remember going to various tree lots when I was younger with my mom, dad and sister or some combination looking for the perfect tree. A few times we even went and cut our own down at a tree farm. This tree shopping left me with huge memories.



Now that I have my own family it was a tradition I wanted to continue. I was chomping at the bit to get our tree this year even with money as tight as it can be sometimes. And I was insistent on getting a real one which Stacey agreed with. This year Stacey and I got our first Christmas tree. What’s best is that our son, Jax, and my mom were there with us when we got while she was up visiting.  Even as I sit here and look at it all lit up and decorated it makes me smile. You only have one first Christmas tree and this is ours.

20141206_184059 20141206_203403

Then I thought about buckets lists, the things that people put on them and the things I have on mine so far. I love Christmas, the winter and Christmas trees the whole season. I listen to Christmas music all year long and ramp it up after Halloween.


So I figured out one more thing to add to my bucket list with places I want to travel and food I wanna eat.


I would like to own a Christmas tree lot….even just once. Being able to see families like mine pick out their prized pick, help them bundle it up and load it on or in their car or truck. See little kids look for the perfect one and the husbands and wives or girlfriends and boyfriends playfully argue about whether it’s straight or not. Knowing that a little bit of me or something I did added to their own Christmas memories. I suppose you could call it my own personal Christmas Kleos.


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