Free #Books and #Food: A Christmas #giveaway by BooksByMichaelMelville

Thank You For Visiting But This Giveaway Is Now Over

Merry Christmas


Are you still looking for those last minute Christmas gifts?

 A sweet stocking stuffer?

Do you like food and a good book?

Want some **GASP**


Well, just in time for Christmas I am doing a 

A HUGE Giveaway….



Currently I have 2 works published; 1 novel and 1 short story.

title pic

–On the side of a dark and desolate Oregon coast road, Thomas James stood by himself hidden in the shadows. Alone and lost in thought, he felt detached. He eventually crumpled to the ground, his legs giving way beneath his large frame. The previous few hours were replaying in his mind like a bad movie. About two hours prior, he got a phone call from the county police. It took him barely five minutes to get to the accident…she was almost home.–

Imagine a place where dreams come true and new ones are born. A place where friends laugh, kids smile and new love blossoms. Where walks on foggy ocean beaches or misty woods become memories that will last a lifetime. A place where people and nature peacefully coexist and enjoy the company of one another. A place where lost love can be reborn and lives made simple and perfect. A place where you can get lost in your future and leave the darkness behind. Find that place in Running Northwest.

Set against the unpredictable Pacific Ocean, on the rocky, forested northern coast of Oregon is a story about heartbreaking loss, rebuilding, fate and love. Running Northwest takes the reader on a journey as an unexpected road weaves its way through the life of single father, Thomas James and his 8-year-old son, Daniel. In Michigan, newly single Stephanie Davis is about to begin her own journey down a path she never expected and never even knew existed which will change her life in ways never imagined.


Christmas Senses is a story about a man Tyler, who because of severe medical trauma years earlier has found a new perspective and appreciation for the holiday season.

This short story is set in Sandpoint, Idaho and is told from Tyler’s perspective on Christmas Day while he spends the holiday with his guide dog Faoladh and his family in the snowy and forested Rocky Mountains in the northern part of Idaho.

From December 10December  17th

Here is what is included for 1 PERSON in the Giveaway

1-signed PRINT copy of Running Northwest  

1-signed PRINT copy of Christmas Senses

1-$10.00 Amazon gift card

1 special edition coffee mug

BAGS of Wirtz Family Popcorn

Books By Michael Melville ad stuff


 additional swag that I’ll toss in





I would like to thank Rob and Amanda Wirtz owners of Wirtz Family Popcorn for supplying the awesome handmade popcorn for this giveaway and allowing me to try some for myself. If you live in Michigan, Wirtz Family Popcorn is located at 898 Capital Avenue Sw Battle Creek, Michigan



4 thoughts on “Free #Books and #Food: A Christmas #giveaway by BooksByMichaelMelville

  1. Mike my mom would LOVE a coffee mug, she collects them. Let me know how I can get her one ! THANKS !

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