Harley: A Letter


I was sitting in the garage last night having a cigarette when this cat walked in. It was happy, had long hair and was gray and white. I started talking to it and it talked to me. Then it came in then let me pet it for a minute.

I caught myself wishing it was you. I caught myself wishing it was you walking into my garage and sitting with me for a little bit before you went on your way. I wished you didn’t leave, I wish you didn’t walk away and I wish you stayed. I woke up lying in bed realizing it was yet just another dream, another false hope, another….something.

,The sad thing is that I love those dreams and hate them all at the same time. In those dreams you are still here, we still talk, we still are a part of each other’s lives…you are still a part of my family. I hate them because you always leave. You’re always taken from me when my mind wakes me up―just like in real life. Its been a year and 10 months.

We miss you,



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