My son, sleeping and rain

Its been awhile since I blogged…about anything really. But it’s been even longer since I’ve blogged about my son Jax. Since Stacey and found out we were gonna be parents and after Jax was born we have gotten loads of advice and “what I did” suggestions. Some helped and some didn’t which is only natural and some we (or I) just ignored because of the source.  Of all the things, the tidbits, the trinkets of advice we gotten none I don’t think have been more helpful (to me) than a suggestion from my friend Kelly.

Jax can get fussy on occasion…ok he just gets angry sometimes; he’s like the Hulk. When he is tired he lets you know and gets so wound up he has issues falling asleep. Thankfully he is on a schedule now which helps. Awhile back Kelly suggested to take Jax in the bathroom and turn on the shower and either stand up or sit down while holding him. We don’t have to get in the shower just stand next to. She told me she did it with her oldest son. At first I thought, “No that’s horseshit. It seems too easy.” Well one day we tried it and I was blown away. It not only calms boy down but makes sleepy. We don’t pay for water which is great and don’t start crying about wasting water. Lake Michigan just added like trillion gallons this year….we are doing fine here.

me and jax

For some reason Jax loves the water, he loves being in it and the sound of it. This kid doesn’t take baths no no no no he takes showers with mom or dad and is all about the water. He doesn’t even mind it on his face. My friends trick worked and 95% of the time when he is going to bed or a nap he is listening to the sounds of rain. I downloaded a rain shower song on my phone and on my Kindle HDX and Stacey has one on hers also. I am just blown away at how well this has worked.


My son is a tricky kid sometimes but this rain shower/shower sound seems to have worked amazingly well. I don’t offer much advice to parents or soon to be parents because I know they get it from all over. But this is one thing I would say is worth trying with your kid.

This is a link to the one i use  on my kindle. If you have prime like I do you can download it for free.



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