Indie Bigotry: Looking down at those looking up

Yes I am an indie author. Yes I have only published one novel so far and that is called Running Northwest. Yes I made some big mistakes along the way―but I fixed them. I am sorry that I haven’t been creating away for decades at writing; I’m only 35. Your toiled obscurity isn’t any more relevant than mine. I’m in school full time, work part time and have a baby. I am sorry I haven’t put out dumpster fire novels every 3-5 months just so I am more relevant in the writing world.

I like writing and I like taking my sweet ass time doing it.

Today I was looking through some posts on a Facebook group I belong to for writers. Usually this group has a lot of really interesting things to say from the members. Usually there is a lot of really good advice. Sometimes not so much. Today I felt attacked on here. Not me personally but Indies, newer ones like me. Ones who are still working away at our goals and dreams.

Apparently no matter how much newer authors like me have learned about writing and the writing business our advice isn’t welcome here. Apparently the fact we have only written and published 1 novel or standalone book isn’t worth much and means we are basically nothing as authors in the eyes of some. Apparently we are supposed to just shut up and listen to what the adults say. At least that’s how it seemed from what I was reading. Apparently because we didn’t throw together some crappy series that no one’s has ever heard of our advice isn’t welcome. I may not know everything about writing, the process, the business and the bullshit drama involved in the business but I would like to think I have learned at least a few things over the last 4-5 years.

I’ve seen and heard a lot of bullshit going on in the indie world of writing. I lot of childish drama between authors and the like. I try not to pay attention to it because I just don’t care usually. It doesn’t affect me. But what does affect me is when some authors who are supposedly knowledgeable bastions and offer the ONLY correct advice put authors like me down. One author went off about how she’s written and published 20 novels and authors who wrote only 1 just don’t really matter. Which is ironic because I’ve never heard of her books and outside of Twitter and Facebook I’ve never even heard of her. Stephen King has written over 50 and we all have heard of him. I don’t see him putting him Indies down or other authors. I’ll probobly leave that group

I see all kinds of authors, of the indie persuasion, who constantly are going off about how many books they have written. They are constantly going off about how wonderful and all knowing they are. I am constantly seeing how few books they actually sell and how unknown they continue to be. Rarely do I see ANY of these authors on best seller’s lists. Yet they put authors like me down, new ones who have written only 1 book so far. It’s like…..Indie Bigotry and I don’t like it.

It’s possible my ONE published book might actually be better than theirs.

However, because I have only published ONE book than the possibility I mentioned isn’t a possibility at all…at least in their eyes. They know better than me right?…….


By the way. My first novel, the standalone one I talked about, well its is FREE today on So I would appreciate it if you picked it up and left me a review.



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