Dying by the Hour By Kory Shrum a #ReleaseDay Book Review

Dying by the Hour: A Jesse Sullivan Novel

By Kory Shrum


Another great example of being tragically and regretfully confused by picking up a series without reading the first book. I now wish I had. HOWEVER that didn’t stop me from enjoying part 2 in the Jesse Sullivan Series, I was just handicapped a bit. I really liked how well the characters were written, interacted and how they grew. I loved how I was able to feel emotionally attached to them the more I got into it.  I really enjoyed Jesse with her intense and sometimes self-destructive nature as well as her unyielding attitude. And also, Ally, with her massively protective heart which is being pulled in different ways as well as other characters like Nikki and Lane I really could not get enough. The story-line was mysterious as well as interesting and I found myself caught up with the idea of Death Replacements and people with NRD In the world around us.


My only real issue with the story was in some places it felt like it was lagging a bit when it came to the romance aspect of the story when I was needing a little more action and suspense. Kory did a great job of incorporating real social problems like bigotry and hatred into the story which haunts Jesse, Ally and the others. Outside of having not enough back story about these characters this was my only real issue and that was again…my fault.

This was a great book by a fellow Michigan author and I can’t wait to read the next one in the series. Until then I will be picking up the first novel in the series called Dying for A Living so I can get caught up which is only .99 cents right now (just a FYI). I may end of re-reading this book again.






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