Babies Gifts and Thoughtfulness

Having a child is apparently one of those things that many people just love taking part in. It brings out the generosity and good nature of people, especially older people it seems. I never realized this before. Since Jax was born, Stacey and I have had so many well-wishers and inspirational words sent our way it’s hard not to get emotional over it. Sometimes I feel like saying, “Thank you” just isn’t enough. People take notice, shared in our happiness; even in places I never expected.

A few people have went beyond the normal gift buying. Some, put a lot of effort in their gifts to Jax, Stacey and myself (not that the others were lacking thought in anyway). I was caught off guard by one I got just this past weekend at work.  A women, a regular, who comes in everyday with her husband and older son for breakfast or dinner (sometimes both) gave us a wonderful gift. It surprised me. The reason it did is because I didn’t think this woman actually cared for me all that much. We have rarely talked in any great length but I know she is a favorite among my coworkers in the FOH (Front of the House). I know that she makes really good muffins and cookies. I wasn’t even aware she knew Stacey and I were having a baby so I can only assume one of the girls I work with told her.

Anyways, she gave us a baby blanket which she made herself. I, admittedly don’t know much about making blankets but I am told the edging on it isn’t exactly easy to do and takes time.  Stacey says it’s something complicated like her grandma used to do. It’s beautiful and I can tell she took a lot of time making. It was incredibly sweet and thoughtful. This lady has been carrying it around with her for at least a week and hasn’t been able to catch up with me; on Sunday she finally did.

blanke blanket

I appreciate the generosity, we appreciate the thoughtfulness and Jax will love the blanket.



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