RIP Robin Williams: The man, the talent and the beards #RobinWilliams

Hollywood has seen its fair share of losses over the last few years. Acting greats with immeasurable talents that will most likely never be replaced. Yesterday, as most anyone with a TV, phone or internet is aware of we lost Robin Williams. I won’t talk about why. I won’t talk about his movies (other bloggers are doing great job of that). I won’t talk about how it happened because the media is doing a fine job of dragging that threw the mud already.

What I will talk about is Robin Williams beard.

robin 1

With the death of Robin Williams we lost a man who over the years has sported more styles and looks of beards than almost any other big A-list actor. Yes, even more than George Clooney. It takes a real man to grow a beard and sport a beard. It takes someone with panache to do it well. With this blog post I will pay tribute to Robin Williams and all the wonderful beards he has given us over the years. He was one of the beard elite.

Robin, Your humor, talent and wonderful honest nature will be missed by all of your fans and ALL of Hollywood.


robin 5
Good Will Hunting Beard
The Fisher King Beard
robin 6
Not a beard but cool stache
robin 4
"Catch Me If You Can" Broadway Opening Night - Arrivals & Curtain Call
This is the beard I aspire to have
not a beard but a legit goatee

robin hamlet osric



robin 9 robin 8 robin 7 robin 2 robin 3

Robin in the Broadway play “Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo”

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