Meeting Jax Pt. 2

A wonderful blog by my wonderful girlfriend and mother of my son.

Pesky Pescatarian

Motherhood is full of surprises and revelations. I’m a week in on my journey of being a mother and I have so far learned two absolute truths: first, the unconditional love you feel when you see your newborn is a real sensation and secondly, you will miss feeling them move inside you almost immediately.
Rationally, I understand the ‘baby blues’ is the product of going from the highest amount of estrogen in your system to the lowest in the span of hours. Irrationally. I believe the real reason is because you had a baby growing inside of you for 9 long months; you felt them kick and roll and hiccup. You worried and wondered and cried and waited for them. And then, they are gone. Granted, they are right there next to you but you know you will never have that closeness you did while they were growing inside of…

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