Waiting on my son #Parenting

My son will be here in a matter of days. Technically he should have been here last Sunday but like his dad, he is procrastinating since he’s 7 days over due. This waiting game has been hard but I don’t think it’s been harder on anyone than Stacey. I have known A LOT of pregnant women in my life and every day I am amazed at how well she is dealing with this. She hasn’t had the mood swings and odd cravings like many women get. She hasn’t gotten angry or sad very often for no reason like you see in the movies. I am just super proud of her. Proud that she’s mine. Proud that she’s carrying my son. Proud that he will be his mother. Just Proud.

I know she’s scared and nervous; I am also. Every day that goes by we know it will be just that much harder to do this naturally which is what she really would like to do. Last we knew my son was measuring about 10 lbs and that was at 39 weeks. She’s at 41 weeks now―almost 42….so yea bigger. I honestly didn’t think she would go this long. Unless something happens sooner we will have an induction this week.

More than anything we are excited about finally getting to be parents. I have spent 35 years waiting for this kind of perfect. Yes, things moved quickly for us but I’ve never been in a relationship this strong with someone so strong, caring and wonderful. I am one lucky guy and my son is already a lucky boy. He’s got the best mom I could ever hope for. She balances me out and will get the best parts of Stacey as well as my own.

Stacey took this on her due date
So we have a great relationship, a place of our own, great futures, great family, a baby room filled with wonderful things. Now we’re just waiting for the baby to get here. So, does anyone have any great advice to share on the birth side of the equation? Thoughts on C-sections or Inductions


6 thoughts on “Waiting on my son #Parenting

    1. Thanks ciara that was helpful. We’ve both read up on it quite a bit but you just get information overload if you know what I mean. Induction is scary and the idea of a cesarean delivery worries me…..ugh. I just wish he would do it on his own lol

  1. Ultimately it’s a very pesonal decision. I had a lot of complications in my pregnancy that played against any kind of labour, and if your partner has breezed through pregnancy then an induction may be much smoother sailing for her than it was for me. If you haven’t already, I suggest reading up on the internet on inductions. If you choose to go ahead with one, it’s probably best to be informed. I was induced the first time and ended in an emergency c-section (there is a high chance of this with induction). Because of that, I wouldn’t have been induced again – but if it had ever been suggested I would have gone straight to c-section rather than face another induction.

    Natral labour is better, but the advice I have offered above is based on the notion that you end up in a situation where natural labour is no longer a choice!

  2. Well, I would avoid c section as a last resort. They had to induce with Rob. That wasn’t pleasant eithet. One long contraction for 11 hours. Again, only as a last resort. I had no choice there. Also, Rob was 2 1/2 pounds smaller than what they predicted. Thing is kids, every birth, every delivery is different. Yes it’s scary, but look how many people do it a second, third and so on. Best of luck and everything will be just fine. Love you both
    Aunt Kathy

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