My Issues with Barnes & Noble and Running Northwest

Recently I released the 4th and Final Edition of my first novel Running Northwest on Amazon. Even more recently, I put that edition for sale on Barnes and Noble again…or so I thought. When I did this I replaced a very bad manuscript of the 2nd that was on the site (but not for sale) from my first crack with B&N about a year and half ago. This old edition had horrible editing, a dedication I will regret until the day I die and just so many issues it made me blue in the face.

I tried the new edition out first on Amazon for about 4 months to test reviews then, once satisfied, I put it up on Barnes and Noble and ran a big (big by my standards) Twitter advertising campaign. I made a few sales. Come to find out the edition the computers at B&N had been sending to customers after they actually bought it was the crap 2nd edition and NOT the 4th and final edition of Running Northwest which is the good version. TRUST ME I know I uploaded this file correctly and did what I had to do. I was pissed, embarrassed and mad that my time and money had been wasted. I was pissed other peoples time and money was wasted.

So, I panicked, got pissed and contacted SEVERAL PEOPLE at Barnes and Noble to fix this issue. Multiple as in MANY MANY MANY emails were sent back and forth. They gave me suggestions to fix it, buttons to click and always told me to hit the “Publish Now” button and put it back on sale. I refused to do this until I knew for a certainty the problem on their end was fixed and no matter what they told me to do it was fixed right. To make matters worse the buttons they told me to push would not even load ¾ of the time and one of the button never showed anywhere on the screen. The first email message I sent wasn’t even replied to for a week. A WEEK!!!!!

Then I got email saying they “pushed the button for me” and I should put it back on sale since it was takin care of.

b&N email

Keep in mind this whole time the “Preview” it was showing was the correct version. But if I downloaded an EPub version from B&N it was the wrong version. After this last email I figured its B&N they must have gotten their shit together by now and figured this out. I took them at their word it was right….

I was wrong

The same crappy version was there for sale even after I gave B&N and their computers time to coalesce after I finally hit “publish”. By time I mean I gave it a week.

I sent them one final email today which wasn’t mean but wasn’t nice either; basically telling them to fuck off. Then went about it the way I should have which was just by creating a whole new project file for Running Northwest.

For the people who read this and bought Running Northwest for NOOK from and Barnes and Noble ONLY in the last….60 days. Please please accept my deepest apologies. I appreciate your readership and you taking a chance on my book and me. I am so sorry. Contact B&N and ask for refund immediately if you purchased Running Northwest in the last 2 months. I cannot guarantee they will do it (I know they have for some) but I don’t know what else will do.

 If you are unsure whether you have the wrong edition or not here is what the front matter of the correct edition  looks like:

front matter RNW

 If you are reading Running Northwest and it doesn’t show exactly this and you bought it recently then you DO NOT HAVE THE CORRECT EDITION.

The customer service at Barnes and Noble sucks shit. I don’t know why these issues even happened and never got an explanation as to why they did and what went wrong. Maybe it had something to do with changing things over from their PubIt publishing platform to what they have now (NOOK Press). Maybe it has something to do with various changes in editing abilities they now offer on the site I don’t know. I find it unacceptable that I have had to deal with this much bullshit and lack of customer service. I don’t know if anyone else has had this issue with Barnes & Noble but I know there has been many other issues according to the message boards online from other authors. The sad thing is I just wish I knew what went wrong and never got that answer and maybe never will.




Here is a link to the correct version of Running Northwest that is available for sale. This is a fresh upload and IS the version I want potential readers to get. I hope you give my book another chance and the curse that seems to be following my first novel is finally lifted.












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