A Silver Lake Night – By Michael Melville #poetry

I don’t write poetry often because I don’t feel like its my strong suit. However, when I was taking a little holiday with my Stacey and my family last week up in northern Michigan the urge to write one struck me. If you like it leave me a comment. If you don’t…well then you don’t.

A Silver Lake Night

By Michael Melville

A crackling fire and a glass like lake

Is all it takes for perfection to make,

The moon holds strong, full and high

while casting down its illuminious light.

Four voices speak of days gone by

And futures hope happy and bright.


The Sand Dunes rise mighty and wide

bouncing back the moons bright light.

Shadows dance along their face

While the sands hold onto the nights embrace.

A light breeze blows through the starry Milky Way sky

sending sweet smelling smoke into our eyes.



That sweet summer smell

with which I was raised.

I hope to smell to the end of my days.

A bull frog croaks and child’s happy laugh

breaks the stillness of this night’s dark grasp.


The logs burn down and the fire begins to fade,

 We’re nearing the end of a northern Michigan day.

The smoke rolls over the serene lakes water

And I have no urge to move, stir or holler.



This lake is where I began my youth,

 It’s a part of me now and

 will be a part of him too.

My love and I will watch him grow

and hold each other’s hands until we’re grey and old.


A thousand summer days and nights will come to pass

While I sit beside Silver Lakes moonlit glass.

As the fires embers slowly fade

tomorrow brings a new summer day.


No part of this publication can be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by means, electronic or mechanical, without permission in writing from the author, Michael J. Melville.

Copyright © 2014 Michael J. Melville


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