Letter to my dog


I didn’t forget, I’ll never forget I am just a few days behind on posting this. A girl I work with, a great friend has a dog who is not doing very well. Her dogs name is Mya and she is only about a year or so younger than you are. A few weeks back Mya got hurt and after lots of tests they found out she has cancer in her leg. In a few months they will have to say goodbye to her. My friend’s husband and teenage son are not taking this news very well at all. Her husband loves Mya like I love you. She said to me, “what is it about you boys and your dogs?” lol. They got her as puppy just like you were when I found you. She’s a part of their family and it breaks my heart they will have to say goodbye.

It made me think about you and wonder how you are feeling the older you are get. I bet you are glad it’s not cold anymore. I imagine this winter was not nice on your arthritis, unfortunately it gives way to thunderstorms which you hate and fear even more. It’s been a 1 year and 4 months since we saw each other. You are called a rescue now but you’re not, you’re still my girl. There is only one person stopping us from seeing each other and being together and you happen to live with her. We can’t control pathetic spite can we?

My friend’s situation with her dog makes me think about how much time you might have left. You are almost 13 years old now. So much time has been stolen from us. It makes me sad knowing I won’t be there with you when the end comes. I always joked about you living forever but given your living situation…I wouldn’t wish forever on you…that would be cruel. I don’t like thinking about a world without you in it and miss looking into your brown eyes. I miss our talks. I miss you. You are still with me everywhere I go.



Harley trying to hide from a thunderstorm
Harley trying to hide from a thunderstorm

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