Facts are facts….I’m getting old.

Getting old is one of those inevitable things that we cannot do anything about. When we’re young we fight it and say silly things like, “I’m never going to get old”. Some feel like they are getting old sooner while others slower. Yes it could be a mental thing and course a physical thing but I think it’s also a generational thing and a difference in the age groups of people you surround yourself with even just occasionally. The older you get the less you have in common with those who are younger we all know this. A 40 year old has little in common with someone in their early 20’s. They can try and sporadically it may work but more often than not the differences in thoughts, ideas, interests and outlooks on life separate the 2 and it’s almost always embarrassing for one or the other and sometimes both. If you’re getting older and spend time with people much younger you usually feel old.

old people

Let’s be honest when someone in their early-mid 40’s try’s to hang out with someone in their early to mid 20’s on a regular basis the older person usually looks like a dumbass and it’s just sad. That weird older lady or old man who is hanging around. The one no one wants around but everyone is too polite or nervous to say they should be at home watching NCIS or Jeopardy. It’s really a difference between maturity, lower expectations and responsibilities and for some just being afraid of getting old. Some fear getting old and try and cling to their lost youth by spending time with….well kids doing kids things. It’s like that episode of How I Met Your Mother when Barney was dared to try and act like someone much younger.  It didn’t work out well he exhausted himself and looked like a dumbass before admitting defeat.

Hell even I realized when I hit 31 I was quickly losing patience and the ability to relate with those 10 years younger than me. Honestly I think I started seeing this in my late 20’s I guess. Around 32 I really tried limiting my time around those kid. Not because it made me feel old and not because they are bad people…but because it felt ridiculous too even try.  They were going one way and I was going another and they didn’t mesh.

barney getting oldd

As we get older we have to learn to separate ourselves from the age groups we just can’t hang with anymore. We need to stop trying to do the things the young ones are doing because….well it’s just ridiculous to even try. You have to realize in the real non Facebook world you need to have friends your own age or close to it. We need people who share OUR mature, grown up interests and not attempt the interests of the younger ones. We need this so we are not that old weird person sitting with the kids every night at a coffee shop or bar.

We need to realize just because people are friends on Facebook with us doesn’t mean we are friends in real life. My general rule (I have more than a few friends who have this same rule) is if I don’t talk to you over the phone (actually speaking), by text or in person at least once every other month we are not real friends.  I call or text my good friend Kriss aka The Cabin Goddess every few weeks (shes pretty popular in book review and cooking realms) who lives way up in Alaska. I am 35 and just because I am friends with someone on Facebook who is 22 doesn’t mean we are truly friends…far from it in fact. And it certainly doesn’t mean that 22 year old actually wants to hang out with me in public or vice versa. They might be a coworker, fellow college student, a distant family member or just an acquaintance I met somehow.

But when it comes to the real world I don’t have any reason be associating with them or them me. Which works out well because then I don’t have to really worry or care if I offend them or piss them off with what I say on Facebook or vice versa. If they get uppity with something I said or uppity about something I may have commented on I just delete them and forget about them. They are not real friends so I have no reason to get attached or feel bad. There is a reason Facebook has that “acquaintance” setting on status’s. This works well since my main Facebook is private unless I approve you  and super privacy is something i think everyone should have on Facebook. Why would you want your profile open to the whole world anyways?

When I was 20 I felt 30, when I was 30 I felt 40 and it was the combination of feeling it physically as well as mentally. As anyone knows the older we get the more our interests change sometimes for the better (hopefully). When I was young I defined people who had certain interests as old. Lately, I’ve noticed myself being interested in and even enjoying certain things I once though was the domain of old people. Some things I am more curious about as I get older but can’t commit fully to again….like flannal.



So, here is a list of 15 things I’ve noticed might make me…gulp…OLD.



15. When I’m at the store I seriously consider buying a bird feeder. Or a squirrel feeder.

14. I have no issue and much enjoy rocking out nice old man sweaters. I’ve been ready for dad mode for years.

13. Long have a been an enemy of Hoodies and Sweatpants. It wasn’t until I was…well now at 35 that I allowed myself to wear hoodies on a semi regular basis. Sweatpants…well a few months back I bought my fist pair since I was like 12. I still hate them and would rather die then be seen in public wearing them. I only sleep in them because they are comfy. #StillGotClass.

12. I would prefer a nice chick flick over an action movie…sometimes it’s nice just have no tension.


11. I tell the kids they don’t want to get old BUT I am quiet happy leaving my 20’s behind.

10. I listen to radio stations my mom and dad did. i.e. Classic Rock, Oldies ( like real oldies not early 90’s oldies and am perfectly content with it.


9. I am still convinced that Cheers and Friends were the best sitcoms ever. I still cant decide what i like better Cheers with Diane or Cheers with Rebecca. Let alone the Coach or Woody debacle. How I Met Your Mother might get there eventually with reruns.

NUP_100267_0010 friends-season cheers


8. I can watch the weather channel and history channel….all day. #StormStories

7. I wear socks a lot. Even when it’s not cold. Not normal socks but like wool hunting socks. Especially new socks…..mmmmmm new socks. SmartWool is the best!

6. I listen to a lot of talk radio sports radio, NPR and for whatever reason have become a big fan of John Tesh (used to be on Entertainment Tonight….yea im that old) #IntelligenceForYourLife


5. My first job was a bagger at a grocery store called D&W when I was a sophomore in high school in 1995. I was forced to wear polo shirts for part of my uniform and have hated them ever since.



Now however, at 35, when the spring clothes come into the stores I stare curiously at my old nemesis The Polo and their ugly pastel colors and wonder…maybe.

Douchebag wear
Douchebag wear

4. I use words that date me which drive my 25 year old girlfriend nuts sometimes or make her laugh at me. Words like “gosh”, “golly” and “jiggered” and phrases like “GD kids” and “back in my day”.

barney ph


3. While driving in the car I start singing along to the songs my mom liked. The same songs I once despised. Somehow though I know all the words. Bring on Wilson Phillips, Kenny Loggins and Billy Joel….


2. I hate the band Nirvana more now than I did when they came out when I was in 6th grade. Does MTV still exist? Is Carson Daily still hosting TRL?

1. Sometimes, when I’m at the store and I’m walking past the shoe section…I pause when I pass the loafers and the Velcro shoes and think, “Damn those look kinda comfy.” I have yet to try them on….someday maybe?

Check out this other great post I found called “Am I An Old Man”



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