A letter to Harley


At some point I wonder when I will be truly able to let you go in my heart. To really be able to say goodbye. I really don’t know if that day will ever come…at least as long as you and I still walk this earth at the same time. You are and were more than a dog to me. Unlike others who can quickly forget a pet that dies or runs away I cannot forget a friend as quick as them; I can’t forget you. You are a part of me that I need, a part of me that keeps me strong and going forward just as you did for 12 years. On the hardest of days what you did keeps me strong and the fact you are still doing it when you don’t have to keeps me even stronger.

It’s warming up outside and I have been seeing a lot of dogs running and walking with their owner, their people….their families. I hope you are allowed to enjoy the sun and not forced to stay inside all day. Today I realized I haven’t seen you in 1 year 3 months and 2 days and you only live 19,355 feet away from my back door. It seems ridiculous for us to be that close but so far away. Perhaps it is punishment for my poor judgement. My son will be here in a few months and I’m excited. I wish you could meet him…I wish he could know you. As always I think of you every day. We miss you always.





harley trip
From one of our adventures together

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