Can’t I just read for fun anymore?

I am reading 2 new books right now. One is a great techno-thriller called Cyber Storm by Matthew Mather and the other is a romance titled Must Love Dogs new leash on life by Clair Cook (the sequel to Must Love Dogs which was turned into a film). The Clair Cook novel I just started since it just came out. I got these books for fun. I am reading them for fun. I may write a formal review for my blog and I may not.


Occasionally for my blog I take part in online book tours where I review books or do other things which help promote authors and my own writing in a small way. While attending classes at GVSU I have taken many lit classes (and of course writing classes) where I am forced to read books that I usually would have no interest in reading. They say reading these will better my writing and my mind….very suspect. Somehow, all those rules which have been forced down my throat concerning the mechanics of writing, the quality of literature and the rules of writing have seeped into my FUN reading. I find myself looking closely at sentence structure, writing styles and themes. I find myself noticing all those things that my professors say I should. All those things I never noticed before and didn’t care to notice.  I don’t like it and it pisses me off a little bit.

I miss reading just for the pure enjoyment of reading without worrying about the rules, whys and how’s and that is why I don’t like it. I am not reading these with the purpose of writing some damned labor intensive essay or to gain followers or likes. I am reading them because they sounded good or because I am fan already. However, I can’t shut my brain off and I find myself taking even longer to read these books because of it.

Instead of moving through a page rather quickly it takes me 3 times longer than normal since I am examining everything and even comparing styles to my own writing.  It takes forever and feels like work and not fun which was the point. This could be dangerous ground indeed. I just miss the days of reading for the pure enjoyment of it. Reading without worrying about the details and what comes after. Reading without judging the author for some bullshit reasons some professor told me I should.  Is this one of the side effects of higher education.

Even for this blog I was going to post a picture of the books I am reading for the sake of a visual. Then I wondered, if that would mean in some weird way I am promoting these books instead of talking about what I am actually talking about. I did anyway

Does anyone else feel this way? Is there a way to shut this off?


2 thoughts on “Can’t I just read for fun anymore?

  1. I know, right? I sometimes start dissecting the books I’m reading just for fun. Some people say that’s a good thing. I don’t know how you shut it off. Maybe it eases up the more pleasure/fun reading you do?

    1. Yea I’m still trying to figure out whether its a good thing or not. At the very least I’m trying to come to terms with it since I probobly don’t have a choice. I know its supposed to make me (us) more intelligent readers but sometimes I miss the days when I was growing up and just got lost in a story with no other cares. Thanks for the comment Cornelia

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