Its about Downton Time


So my girlfriend Stacey watches this show called Downton Abbey on PBS. She has been watching this since before we were together and of course I have never heard of it or never noticed it. She talked about  the show a lot, trying to explain things to me and I had no clue. So a few months back I started watching it. I started off at the beginning of season 4 which I got online….


I did it so she could talk to me about it. I did it so I would understand what she was trying to talk to me about and at least have some knowledge on it. Welllllllll………Sure as shit I am hooked on it. I can’t really explain why I love this show. The writing is amazing and the acting is great. Some of the curves the storylines has taken are great. It is an odd change for me since traditionally I haven’t been a fan of period TV shows or ones filmed in Britain outside of the random Dr. Who. But like I said I am hooked on Downton Abbey. This is a show filmed in Britain and has caught on like fire here in America and stars British acting legend Hugh Bonneville.

Of course when you start watching a series a few seasons in you are eternally confused when they reference things that happened in previous seasons. So now that season 4 is done and I am waiting for season 5 I am trying to catch up and watch the show from the start of season 1 using my Amazon Prime account.

MR. Bates
MR. Bates

I have my favorites, the dog being one who apparently hasn’t been around since season 1. However I have become quite a fan of a few of the characters. Mr. Bates is by far my favorite since I feel I see some of myself in him. I really like Tom Branson as well even though he sounds and kind of looks like Sam from Lord of the Rings. Could Stacey be Anna? Who knows but regardless I love the show and I am stupid hooked. It’s one of the better shows I have watched in a long time and I rarely sit down and watch TV anymore at great lengths of time. This is one of those shows I am very glad I was introduced to.

marry smith

Oh and British Icon Maggie Smith is freaken hilarious!


Thanks for getting me hooked. love you babe 😉


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