A Badass place for poets

Are you a Poet?

As a writer I think it is important to learn to appreciate other types of writing. During my time at GVSU there has been a lot of poetry thrown at me over the last few years both classic and modern. And on certain occasions I have been asked to partake in writing activities where poetry was the intended product. I failed at this…at least I thought so. My place in the writing world is that of writing fiction and occasionally creative nonfiction. I read once that Ezra Pounds writing began to suffer when he took up and threw himself into painting….which he wasn’t very good at. Stick with what you are good at I guess.

Ezra Pound 1967

That being said, throughout my time as a writer and student I have come across many poets. Some are new and have only been writing for a while. Some are dreamers who write and rarely let their words see the light of day much less anyone’s eyes regardless if it’s read by strangers or friends. Some though have been writing for a long time. One thing I have been told by professors, writers and poets is that you never will make money as a poet. Sadly perhaps that era of interest for the reading masses is gone. Many of the greats in American literature wrote poetry such as Poe, Henry Longfellow and Jewell…….(see what I did there?) But I think poetry and poets still have a place in the world of literature and deserve to be there.

Anyways…. I get asked more often by poets then upcoming novelists how to get there work published and out there. I tell them it’s not easy and keep writing. Find places to post it, groups on line, people to share it with and don’t plan on making much money at it. A writing professor I had who was a poet herself told me that “writing poetry is a labor of love that can’t be measured in dollars earned but hearts opened” )I liked this 3 years ago and wrote it down in a notebook. I stick with what I said earlier.

I thought about this for a while and I decided I wanted to offer a place on my blog for poets to share their pieces. I know all too well how hard it can be to get your writing out there and noticed by the world even with the speed of technology we have at our disposal. So in this section I will share poetry by just about anyone. I often don’t get poetry, but like I said I appreciate it. So I won’t judge whether it’s good, bad or just okay because I can’t and who REALLY can anyway. Poetry is the more subjective than fiction. I am just offering a place to share your works if you are brave enough. This work is yours and yours alone and I DO NOT OWN IT.

I have 5 rules which are very simple.

1: I will only post 1 piece every 30 days.

2: You must have written the piece. No plagiarizing. I will check as best as I can.

3. I am not responsible for anyone taking your piece, re-posting it elsewhere or stealing it. You might want to think about getting it copy written. (Yes I will post your copy-write info if you provide it).

4.  You must provide me with a picture and links to any social media you want linked to. I won’t go searching for it I am a busy man. You must provide AT LEAST 1 social media link i.e. Facebook, Twitter…

5. I generally will not moderate comments. If you want to be a writer (of any kind) you got to have a tough backbone and learn to deal with harsh comments. That being said if I notice someone taking their comments to an extreme I will delete the comment and banish the commenter.


I wont ever ask for compensation for doing this. Its just my way of trying to help fellow writers by giving them a BS free place to share their work. Please keep in mind this is just a small section of the Oregonmike98 blog and sometime I post blogs which offend, irritate or annoy some people…just an FYI. If you are interested please comment on THIS post only and I will email you privately. I cant wait to hear from you. I think this will be a lot of fun and helpful for people.


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