2013 in Review


I look back on 2013 and all that I’ve done and seen. All the things I dealt with and survived. I look at the person I was and the person I am now it gives me hope. More than anything 2013 has been a year of massive change and adjustment for me. I had to say goodbye to my beloved dog Harley and it’s become obvious I will never see her again due to someone else’s pathetic spite. I never thought I would do this much without her…I never thought I could. I know in some ways she is with me wherever I go. I miss her always and always will.


My writing has grown in leaps and bounds. My expectations for my writing have also grown. The writer I was won’t be the writer that will be…that is for damn sure. In this business of being an Indie author I’ve taken a bit of a step back to learn a little more that I didn’t know before. I recognized my mistakes and won’t repeat them. I’ve made some great friends in the writing business and look to make even more as I grow and reach out. I am not much of a people person but I’m even getting better on that end. I am realizing more everyday just how backstabbing the writing business can be. Is it any different than any other business? Nope…everyone is trying to get ahead, get noticed, get read, get reviewed write well (hopefully) and make some money in this career. Some will rise and many will fall and I am determined to rise even if it is slower than some would like. I have realized there is a lot of great people in this business both Indie and Traditional with their goals and expectations not so far apart.

My next novel is coming along slowly, much slower than I would like but its coming. I love Running Northwest, my first novel and believe it is quality work despite the issues along the way. With the next one All The Roads Home I am taking my time and working to improve my craft as well as my process. I am still planning on this one coming out this year but not sure when yet. I have been writing a lot of small short stories, or novellas or whatever the fuck they are supposed to be classified as these days.  I am trying new things, experimenting with new styles and my voice and it’s rather exciting. More than anything I am coming to terms with and realizing my limitations and flaws with the entire writing process.


I have been slowly developing a plan for my next few books in the romance genre. All of which will take place on my much beloved Oregon coast. I don’t think at this time I am prepared to tell the plan publicly and will probably wait until All the Roads Home is done but I think it’s exciting and ambitious. Some may not even care about the plan anyways. At least I have a plan right! My anthology of short stories will finally be coming out this year as well.

College at Grand Valley State has had its ups and down this year and I am still looking at graduating next winter or April at the latest. I’d like to go to grad school…eventually…but life has thrown me a great unexpected surprise. That surprise might make me put that off for a bit…not forever but just a year or so longer.


This past year was a pretty big year for me travel wise. I spent weekends in Chicago (twice), a long ass solo road trip from Michigan driving down the east coast going through places like South Carolina and Georgia. I  spent a week in Sarasota Florida and the surrounding areas such as Siesta Key and also took a trip to NASA (Check out the 3 part blog HERE) then went back up though Tennessee and Kentucky. I was even able to spend a little time up in the UP (Michigan’s Upper Peninsula for those of you not from the great lakes area.. I saw a lot on those trips which  helped me get better, to get me out of the dark place I was in. Those miles drove and faces seen helped me grow as a man, a writer and a person.

South Carolina and Georgia Blogs




And Love!!!!!!

You know it’s funny. You can meet someone and for reasons you don’t understand they have completely turned your life around for the better. Someone who makes you feel like….you again instead of the shell you have been feeling for some time. It’s even funnier when this person has been in your life in various ways for several years. I have been told I smile more, that I am more enjoyable to be around, that I am more positive sounding and friendlier.  I think back on everything and everyone that has come before her and I am glad they did. Because then I wouldn’t know what I have now. Let’s face it I have dated a lot of women and some were better and some were worse than others but none of them hold a candle to the women I have now. Stacey is going to be the last one. I’ve known this for a while now.



7 thoughts on “2013 in Review

  1. Very good, Mike!  (Can you change the word ‘women’ to womAn? It’s at the end of the blog. )  

    ************************************** “Life’s just a bus stop to somewhere infinitely better.” ~Jim Varney~


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