A Winter Walk

So NORMALLY I do a fine job of stressing myself out at Christmas. This one has been different partially i think due to having Stacey in my life. She makes me less stressed less moody which makes for a nice holiday season with Mike where I smile. It helps that she enjoys this time of year just as much and maybe for than I do. She hasn’t complained once about me listening to Christmas music non-stop….not once. I love her for that. That all just came and really has nothing to do with the blog I intended to write when I sat down.

Sometimes when i get annoyed or upset I go for walks….its calming. Today that happened so I decided to put on my big winter pack boots and go for a walk in the woods behind my house. Over the last few days the area I live at in Michigan has gotten an extraordinary amount of snow and ice. This left some of the most amazing winter scenery that I have seen in Michigan in years. It was sunny and not snowing for a change and this is going to be a great Christmas eve. After my walk I felt much better. Here are some pics I took on my walk.

IMG_20131224_124954_823-001 IMG_20131224_124830_699-002 IMG_20131224_124655_224 IMG_20131224_124640_356-001 IMG_20131224_124552_566-001 IMG_20131224_124320_410-001 IMG_20131224_124345_137-001 IMG_20131224_124427_869-001 IMG_20131224_124427_869-002 IMG_20131224_124533_690-002 IMG_20131224_124209_482 IMG_20131224_125522_055 IMG_20131224_125504_151-001 IMG_20131224_124221_893 IMG_20131224_124110_109


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