Frustrations of a Writer


Some days as a writer you get to one of those points where you just want to throw in the towel and say “fuck it”. Long time readers of this blog, my writing and the people who read the older editions of my first novel Running Northwest are keenly aware that I do…on occasion….use bad grammar. I regret those English classes back at Grandville High School in the 90’s that I slept through. Those “boring” classes which taught the rules that occasionally drive me as an author crazy and my readers batty because I forget or ignore them. Those rules some say are necessary.

However, the more I write, whether for potential publication or for classes at GVSU the more I get progressively better at those things I’m supposed to know and do well. Yes there are times such as on Facebook where I just don’t 0 (ZERO) shits about proper grammar. Why you ask. Because my main page is private and anyone who is a friend with me is very aware of the style of grammar which Michael employs and are generally accepting of it. Then there is the smattering of family who are just used to it. That or they are smart enough to not say anything.

I probably will never be an amazing wordsmith such as Dr. Seuss, Charles Dickens or Dan Brown….uhemm. And nor do I care. I’d like to be better than Stephanie Meyer (I already know I can write a better story and create more interesting characters). I do care about cleaning up my writing enough so it’s not such a bitch to work with for my editor or future editors. Sometimes I look for things; stories and advice that make me feel better about the things I am not yet proficient at. During a period a while back when I was between editors I talked to my creativity professor Asfar Hussein about the issues I had with rules of grammar and editing. He told me, “Michael don’t fucking sweat it. I’m from fucking India man. The english language is an ever changing bitch.” I’m still not totally sure what he meant but it made me feel better. Thank god for good editors or I might just quit.

Below is a list of a few links I found that made me feel a little better about the way things roll.

1. Hemingway’s reaction to editors is great!

2. This is just a nice blog with some realistic incite and thoughts on writers and grammar.

3. I thought numbers 1 and 4 were funny. Especially since Agatha Christie is the 2nd best selling author of all time next to Billy Shakespeare.

4. Some funny pics

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