The Book Of Paul: A Bad-Ass Book Review.


Once in a while one of those books comes along in the horror and thriller genre that just blow your mind. It doesn’t happen often and happens for me even less often after growing up on the horror films of the 80’s and books like Stephen Kings ‘It’ which burned an eternal fear of clowns into my brain. I have become numb to the standard horror and murder story. Perhaps it is a sign of the world I grew up in where violence, even extreme violence doesn’t really bother me.

Well, awhile back Kriss Morton (aka The Cabin Goddess) who is a  friend of mine and knows her shit about books suggested that I read The Book of Paul by Richard Long. So I picked it up and it sat for awhile in my TBR pile because It takes me forever to read a book and I was already reading one.  I regret waiting so long to start this one because once I started my mind was officially blown away.

This book took me by surprise and shocked me on nearly every page and even more so the farther I got into it. The characters are mysterious, smart, exciting, sexy and well thought out. The story is complex, funny, frightening, multi-layered and written with such mastery you would think Mr. Long has written many more books before this. The dark and devilish character, Paul, had lines which sent shivers up my spine and also made me laugh. I found his sadistic and controlling nature as well as his methods intriguing and eerie. The dark and mysterious world that he is the center of which we begin to learn about has me drooling for more. I immediately liked the edgy and sexy bravery of Martin who is one of the main characters. Then there is Rose, the raunchy, sexy and kinky lass who is a bad ass in her own way and falls for martin. Rose adds a nice balance and sexiness to this story. I was fascinated by her near addiction for body modifications and piercing and intrigued by the amazing descriptions of them by Mr. Long. Then there is William  the watcher, the recorder who stays in the shadows and sees all.

This book is VERY graphic VERY dark and makes you VERY uncomfortable which is something as I said is rare for me as a reader. Be warned going into this book it is NOT for those who are offended or taken aback by what some would say are excessive gore, violence and things of a sexual nature. This book takes the darkest parts of the human mind, our world and brings them up to the front for the reader to notice, see and feel. You feel like you are becoming a part of this book and its world. The Book of Paul makes you question what is right, wrong and the world around you. You were warned. So don’t piss and moan like a little baby when this book is not what you expected.

Mr. Long did an amazing job at writing a story that is “shit your pants scary”. Let’s be honest If Stephen King thought the book was great and he’s well known as the master of literary horror then who can argue with that. The truly scary thing is that this is just a taste of what is to come from this author and the story and world he created. With other books to come I can’t wait to see what happens next and how this author blows my mind even more. Forget that 50 shades of Grey BS! I want to see a movie version of this Bad Ass Book!

This book had everything i look for in this genre and more. This is why i gave it 5 stars!



Excerpt from The Book of Paul

book of paul excerpt


Currently Richard lives  in Manhattan with his wife, two amazing children and their wicked black cat, Merlin. Richard is currently writing a YA (young adult) novel called the Dream Palace as well working on the other books in the The Book Of Paul world. He and his wife Ariane are also major voices in the world of Autism and are active in raising awareness and education.


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