Nose Prints and My heart

It’s funny how fast things change. Or maybe not fast as much as differently than expected. I met someone. Yes I Michael Melville who basically swore off women, dating and the theoretical possibility of love in my life…met someone. I suppose it would be more accurate to say I re-met someone whom I have known for several years. We re-met each other through different eyes and hearts under what feels like perfect circumstances. There is something about her, something about us together and something about this time that feels different than anything I’ve ever had in the past.

I know I know it’s new and fresh and everyone smells like roses early on. However, I have had a bit of a pessimistic side to me over the years that I have tried to keep under wraps when it comes to new relationships. I could name all the things big and small on just how fantastic she is and may at some point but for now…I won’t. I will say that I honestly can’t remember the last time I have been this genuinely happy being in a relationship with someone and felt this much peace. The people who see me every day have noticed a difference in how I act. They have noticed how much more I smile. To quote my mum, “Michael I can’t remember the last time I’ve heard you sound this positive about a girl.”

Her name is Stacey

me and stacey


Now, I told you that to tell you this. Readers of this blog know about the situation with my dog Harley, know how long it’s been since I have seen her and all that jazz. If you don’t know I will provide links to past blogs at the end if you want to be in the know. On second thought no I won’t go digging if you want to read them.

I have a spot on the front window of my car. It’s on the passenger side and in the eyes of most people it would appear to be a bunch of dirty smudges or finger prints. They are not however, they are nose prints from Harley, the last that will likely ever be on my car from Harley and I don’t want to lose them. When I got my car detailed prior to my road trip last spring I paid the guy extra to make sure he didn’t touch that area and I watched him like a hawk.  When cleaning my car I will go to town on the old boy making him shine as much as possible but rarely will I touch the front window for fear of losing her nose prints.


The other day while sitting at a café doing homework Stacey surprised me with a gift. It was some laminate paper. For what you ask? Well About a week ago I told her the story of Harley, how I got her and how the nose prints came to be and it made her cry a little. The laminate paper was to put over the nose prints and protect them so I can safely clean my window without worry. This was perhaps one of the sweetest most thoughtful things anyone has done for me ever! It showed me she GOT me, she GETS me and gets why those prints which many would say, “just wash off” are so important to me. She knew Harley, spent time with Harley and knows how much that little brown eyed girl matters to me. The fact she understands this matters more than I know how to say. The fact that she knows I am still hurting, still broken and still sad and is still here is just…..mind blowing.

I feel lucky, I know I am lucky. My heart feels better and stronger because of her.




2 thoughts on “Nose Prints and My heart

    1. Thanks bassa doing my best to keep 12 years of memories alive. Lots positive things in my life right now and better hopes for the future than what I’m used to having. I’m extremely happy that you’re a mom now!. Those puppies are getting big quick. Can’t wait too see more pics

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