The Moonless Night Cover Reveal and Guest Post

Announcing a whole new look for


By Benjamin Andrus


Excerpt from The Moonless Night

****At its height, the Old Veldorian Empire covered the known world—ruling Veldorians and savages alike, but that was over three thousand years ago. Now the original Five Kingdoms are bickering amongst themselves, and the grandeur that once was has faded to all but a memory. The Moonless Night, an omen from the gods as believed by some that still follow the old ways, happens upon an unsuspecting, loosely allied, kingdom. The king, a fat weak man, tries to extend the borders into a red waste of a desert in the hopes of expanding his treasury. 

This first book in the Veldorian Saga follows the key players in the coming battle. A small girl from the smallest of the Five Kingdoms looses her best friend and finds an unhealthy way to deal with the pain. A young man from The Marshes tries to hide a secret that would get him, and his sister killed, while a nobleman in the council learns the harsh lesson of being on the loosing side of medieval politics. Meanwhile, in the slums of the capital, a young lady and her mother are sold into slavery and carted across the continent, only to find that she has been chosen to play a pivotal role in the coming storm.*****

Kindle Edition Cover


The Author

Author Pic of Ben

Pick up the first part in this amazing saga free and while you are at it stop by Ben’s Facebook, Twitter, Blog  or Goodreads profile and wish him a happy birthday!


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victorThe all new cover of The Moonless Night was created by the amazing Victor Fuentes. Victor has been involved in a few cover design projects such as Running Northwest as well website designs.  If you are interested in contacting Victor for your book cover or website you can do so via Twitter, LinkedIn and e-mail. His website is currently going through another redesign.

Email him at :



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Also check out


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