Four Paws: A review of poetry with heart

Several months back I received a book of Poetry that  I won in a giveaway via This anthology of poetry titled Four Paws: A Poetry Anthology written by The Quillective Project. The Quillective Project is a group of writers and poets named Ben Ditmars, Scott Morgan, Amber Jerome-Norrgard and Robert Zimmerman. Russell Blake wrote the forward. All of the contributors are bestselling authors on their own.


Now, I am a notoriously slow reader for many reasons. Four Paws sadly sat on by bookshelf at home for months but was joined by good company other books who have also gone unread. Let it be known that I am not a huge poetry guy. Recently though, I pulled it off the shelf put it in my computer bag and have carried it with me for most of the summer reading a few pieces at a time. I immediately loved it and felt horrible for letting it sit so long unread and unloved. Poetry is a very confusing for me, in that I just do not get it sometimes. Usually because I get lost in the whole technical aspect of it. I blame this on the lit professors at Grand Valley State and their haughtiness for poetry and taking the pure enjoyment factor out of poetry and focusing on their perceived ideas of some mystical deeper meaning in every poem written. Which is I think is CRAP. This is exactly why I LOVED Four Paws. The poems in this book were not only understandable but many I could relate with in my own life and myself. Something that is not easy for me to see.

A few o that hit me the most and really enjoy were “Days”, a heartbreaking poem about loss by Norrgard, and “Shifted” about the pain of lost love and saying goodbye also beautifully written by Amber Jerome-Norrgard. A few others were “Walk in Spring”, “Grandpa” (which I felt a lot for) and “Lost in Silence” penned by Brad Ditmars.

The poems subject wise were different from what I was expecting given the title of the anthology. Anyone who knows me, those who have read this blog or have seen my Facebook know damn well how much I love dogs and yes even some cats. So when Kriss Morton AKA The Cabin Goddess started pimping this book early in the year I was immediately drawn to it because of the meaningful way the profits from Four Paws are being used. This is why once the Kindle Edition became available I purchased another copy.

kids and dog

100% of the proceeds from ALL sales of Four Paws benefit the Dallas Humane Societies no-kill shelter known as Dog & Kitty City ( how cute is THAT!). So not only are you getting a great book of very good poetry by 4 talented writers you are getting the peace of mind knowing that you are making an actual difference in the lives of dogs and cats while knowing where your money is going….a really wonderful cause. There is no place in this world for kill shelters as far as I’m concerned and the ones that are no-kill are just something amazing as are the people who work in them.

Now, you may ask “well I live in *insert random city and state*. Why should I care about a shelter in Dallas Texas?” My question for you is “Why shouldn’t you?” Some of these dogs and cats could find homes far outside of Texas and even find a home and a friend with one of your own neighbors. It could be that little boy who lost a parent and plays alone in the yard, the old woman down the way who recently lost her husband or that lonely single guy looking for a happy wagging tail to come home to. It does not cost a lot to make a difference.

Will spending 2.99 (Kindle) or 9.99 (Print) really break you if it’s a one-time purchase to help a good cause?….probably not. So please consider this worthy cause. You are not just helping dogs and cats but giving the potential for making  some great memories for someone, some family somewhere.


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